TD’s Brew & BBQ Sauce Review

We are always looking for that fresh, new flavor for our foods. We have tested out a variety of different sauces and have found some good ones over the years. In this review we got our hands on TD’s Brew & BBQ sauce. We cracked open the three flavors to put them to a taste test and see which one of these would be our favorite.

The TD’s Brew & BBQ sauces come in the following flavors:


-Southern Mustard

-Atomic Pineapple

In the video below we taste each of one of these, straight from the bottle, and here is my personal thoughts on each one.

The Original sauce has a taste of vinegar, sweet and a touch of heat.

The Atomic Pineapple is a chunkier, thicker sauce that balances the heat and the sweet. The heat in this one (they do call it Atomic) is much greater than that of the original. It is still not an insane amount of heat. I’m not a guy that likes a lot of heat, so while it was a little spicy for me it won’t scratch the surface for those that love BIG heat in their sauce.

Finally, Southern Mustard. This one smelled great and tasted great. It brought me back to growing up in South Carolina. Mustard based BBQ was what it was all about and this sauce was excellent. The sweet, vinegar taste was delicious when I poured it over some chicken thighs and grilled these up.

Aside from taste and smell, another thing I look for with new sauces is the ingredient list. There are some sauces that have a short list of more natural ingredients and then you have those ingredient lists that are like a dictionary, as the list of ingredients is just so long. At first glance I was like holy smokes this ingredient list is one of the longest I’ve ever seen. As I looked into the list further I saw that they were extremely granular with their ingredient list, as with certain ingredients they broke it down to share the ingredients that are in that ingredient. I would still like to see the list a little shorter and reduce the amount of hard to pronounce ingredients.

Overall, the Southern Mustard and Atomic Pineapple tasted awesome. These two I will use again as I work to prepare an excellent homegating spread for guests that come over to watch the big game.

Learn more and get your own by visiting TD’S Brew & BBQ

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We NEVER get paid for a review. This way we can keep it real with our true thoughts. We were sent a sample of each to test out with the understanding that we’d test out and give our true thoughts.

Written By: Luke Lorick 11/8/20

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