Thanks Danks Beef Jerky Review

When you tailgate you have to have some high quality snacks to feed your tailgate crew. Sure you’re going to fire up the grill and serve some awesome grilled foods, but grilled perfection takes time. You need some snacks to help bridge the gap and too often tailgaters bring some pretty unhealthy snacks to the big game. I’m a guy that can appreciate quality food and drinks, even when they aren’t healthy, but during the week I’m all about health. I eat a healthy diet and work out on a daily basis, but on gamedays there could be some snacks and adult beverages that don’t fall in line with that lifestyle. I say all that to say that having some healthy options on hand is critical and one of our favorite, easy options is beef jerky. The problem is that all beef jerky is NOT created equal. I’ve had the beef jerky that you just can’t chew up and its essentially like bubble gum. This is not acceptable. In this blog review I test out a new beef jerky on the block: Thanks Danks. 

Thanks Danks is made in Texas and they boast that it is small batch, hand crafted and free of many things that your body doesn’t need. Thanks Danks beef jerky is:

-Gluten Free

-GMO Free

-Nitrate Free

-Sugar Free

-No Artificial Flavors

-No Liquid Smoke

Ingredients list: USDA Flank Steak, Gluten Free Soy Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Raw Garlic, Garlic Powder, Red Pepper Flakes, Cayenne Pepper, Onion Powder, Black Pepper, Mustard Seed.

On the surface this all sounds awesome, but with beef jerky TASTING is believing. You can watch my initial reactions when tasting Thanks Danks in the video below. The Jerky comes in strips that I pulled out and placed in my mouth. As you can see from the list of ingredients above there are a few items that add some spice. I am not a spicy guy, so at first I was nervous that it would have a little too much spice for me. When you first put the Thanks Danks jerky in your mouth it has a crispy exterior and as you chew it and break it down it starts to release the flavor. There is a little kick of spice, but its not overpowering. If you’re someone that loves heat you’d say these are very mild. If you’re like me and more sensitive to spice then I’d rate it on the low end of medium. Regardless, there is high quality flavor that permeates your mouth as you continue to chew the jerky.

The jerky breaks down easily and does not have that ‘bubble gum’ quality that some beef jerky offerings have provided in the past. Once you swallow the flavor stays with you and its very pleasant.

Thanks Danks is a strange name, right? Well they named it Thanks Danks because their jerky is so good once people ate it they were thanking them. After trying a few slices of this jerky I agree and echo: THANKS DANKS!

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*This was an NON paid review. We don’t take monetary compensation for our thoughts on products as that’s a conflict of interest. Thanks Danks did send us the package of jerky to try and get our honest thoughts on. Want to see more awesome NON Biased reviews? Check all of ours out:

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