Icecalator Review

Ever been to a tailgate where people take their used cups and scoop ice from the cooler? Ever wonder how clean the ice you were getting from the cooler really was? The founders of the ICECALATOR wondered the same thing, but decided to do something about it.

The ICECALATOR is a portable ice dispensing unit that does not require a power supply to operate. The ICECALATOR can hold up to ten pounds of ice for your next tailgating event.
You fill the unit with ice and then place your cup under the pull out tray that will dump a cup of ice into your cup.  Your cup never touches the ice and therefore, no spreading of germs!

PROS: sanitary, no power supply needed, made in the USA

CONS: price: currently $149.00

The ICECALATOR is a must have for those germaphobes that need to ensure that they have clean ice.  If you need to bring the sanitary back to your tailgate then check out the ICECALATOR today.
You need to check out the ICECALATOR today!

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