The Last Brush Review

OK, who out there has a grill brush that is about to fall apart?  You know the ones I’m talking about.  They have the steel bristles that are either gone, or bent almost completely flat.  The handle has probably broken or cracked somewhere too.  If you are like me, you are ready to retire (more like destroy) your old brush.  Enter The Last Brush, with its 1” long steel bristles, large steel scrapper head, and its 36” (yes 3’ long) thick wooden handle.  This thing is a BEAST.  It truly is The Last Brush you will ever buy.

This brush comes with 1” long Steel Bristles for really getting in between your grates and getting some serious cleaning done.  For the really tough, thick stuff, it also comes with a large Steel Scrapper head just for those occasions.  Now if your grates are really dirty (and shame on you if they are) then with the 36” thick wooden handle, you can get some great leverage to be able to really clean your grill.  Where this long handle will really come in handy is on the bigger grills, such as those competition smokers and such.   Even comes complete with a leather strap at the end of the handle to be able to hang it, or to wrap it around your wrist to hold onto.

Pros:  You can clean your entire grill in about 2 seconds with this brush.  The bristles are long enough to get down into the spaces of the grates.  The scraper makes it easy to remove the bigger messes on the grates.  The long handle makes it great to clean your grill while the fire is still warm, and not burn your hand.

Cons:  I don’t really see any cons with this brush.  You say that your grill is too small for this brush?  I say that just means your grill will be cleaned in no time

Overall:  You can’t have this big bad Grill/Smoker and have a rinky dink brush.  You might as well be using a toothbrush if that’s the case.  Pick you up one of these Awesome brushes, and it will be The Last Brush you ever buy.

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