The Restroom Kit Review

I love to tailgate, but lets address the gorilla in the room: the disgusting Portopotty! When you head out to tailgate you plan for just about everything to have an awesome time, but few prepare to battle the gross bathroom. I’ve seen it happen where there is no toilet paper, its smelly and let’s say the toilet seat is a little moist. This makes for a poor gameday experience, but have no fear The Restroom Kit is here to help save the day and protect your Tush!

The Restroom Kit is a small kit that provides the essentials you need to dominate any portopotty that comes in your path. The Restroom Kit is about the size of a wallet and unfolds to provide you with one toilet seat cover, 1 yard of toilet paper, a tush wipe (to feel super fresh) and 1 hand wipe because come on don’t be that guy.

In testing it out I love that its small enough to fit in your pocket, so the convenience factor is great. The toilet seat protector does a good job, but there is still the chance that some moisture can get through this protector (if heavily wet on the seat), the toilet paper is soft and should be a good amount for most, but if you have too many burgers…., finally the hand and tush wipes are a nice touch. They are essentially the same ingredients in both(the hand and tush wipes), but they do a good job to make you feel like you didn’t just walk out of a portopotty.

Check out the video below to see more on The Restroom Kit.

PROS: convenient to carry, it will increase your overall potty satisfaction, and it will keep your friends or significant others happy and not whining about the potty situation (thats invaluable am I right?)

CONS: As noted, the toilet seat protector could do better keeping moisture ie. pee from getting through, some may need more toilet paper and finally one thing that would make this kit perfect would be a small shot (think the sample colognes viles) that has an air freshner in it:)

Overall, I plan to keep a couple of these on me whenever I tailgate as I have no doubt that I’ll save someones tailgating experience and that’s what I’m hear to do. #SaveYourTailgate

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