The TV Shield Review

I love being outside, but I also like to watch the big game. An outdoor TV was installed at my last place, but the weather got the best of it. I looked at prices of outdoor TV’s and believed that had to be better, more economical way. After more research, I found The TV Shield. This outdoor tv cover can protect any tv from the elements. I installed one to put it to our Tailgating Challenge. If you’re looking to install an outdoor television read The TV Shield Review first!

The TV Shield Features

-Fits 19-65 inch TV’s

-Shatter Resistant Front Cover

-Protects from rain and snow

-Dual Locks

-Made in the USA

What Did We Think?

Having a deck with a nice view when the weather is nice makes you want to be outside. I love being on my deck, but hate running back in forth to see the action of what’ going on in the game. I came across the TV Shield and saw I had a perfect place for TV on my deck. The TV Shield was selected that would house a 50 inch television. I picked up the TV at Best Buy and they told me they could install the TV and my TV shield (for a nominal fee of course).

When the tech got to the house he realized that this was a two person job and I would recommend the same, if you are attempting to do this install yourself.

After the install I was stoked the TV shield looked clean and the screen is super clear for viewing. Now you will normally have the screen up during the day to reduce the glare, but at night you can leave the screen down with little issue. Edit: We learned the team at The TV Shield offers an additional upgrade to reduce the glare with an anti-glare front panel. They also recommend using a pivot mount to help adjust the glare.

The TV Shield has two props that attach to the inside of the enclosure. You will remove each prop and then use it to prop each side of the screen up. This is challenging. I’m 6 feet tall and have to get a step stool in order to achieve this correctly. I note their TV Shield PRO comes with gas shocks and this would be huge win for their original unit.

The TV Shield has dual locks at the bottom to better secure the TV and there are bolts around the edge of the screen you can screw in to really protect the screen. For my application I am not adding those each time I use it. It appears to be something to add if you are winterizing, or not opening the screen for long periods of time. It also did not impact water getting into the enclosure.

Onto the water test. This is the main reason for the TV Shield, to help keep moisture out. I’m worried about rain and blowing snow on my back deck, so I brought the hose up and blasted the TV Shield. I hit the center of the screen and all around the edges to see if some water could get by. When the screen was opened, after the water shower, there wasn’t a single drop that penetrated the the seal, impressive!

Finally, when the TV Shield is closed the sound from the TV itself will be more muffled. Not a huge deal, as you can turn the volume up louder, but something to note depending on your set up.


PROS: Looks good, keeps water out, dual locks to secure, easy to see through the screen at night
CONS: screen adds glare during the day, getting the screen up is cumbersome

Overall, the TV Shield lived up to its expectations to allow a normal tv to be outside and not be impacted by the weather. I have been on my deck more watching football and enjoying the weather thanks to the TV Shield.

Learn more and get your own by visiting THE TV SHIELD.

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The TV Shield Video Review

Edit 6/13/23 I worked with TV Shield to get their Anti-Glare Screen that I was able to replace by replacing the rivets. You can see below just how much this screen reduced glare. If your TV will be in a bright area I would highly recommend getting the Anti-Glare screen added to your The TV Shield.

Upgraded Screen vs Original Screen

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Written By: Luke Lorick 10/18/22

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