The UnderWarmer Review

It’s hard to enjoy anything when you’re cold. From tailgating to camping we know that being cold SUCKS! We’ve tested quite a few heated gear products that can solve that problem, but we understand not everyone wants to invest $150+ for a heated jacket. We just found something that can help keep your core toasty warm for 12 hours for around 12 bucks. Meet the UnderWarmer Review.

We all either know a person or we are that person that can’t function in the cold. We know there are fun things to do, but struggle to leave the house and have any fun when the temperature drops. Sure the easy answer is invest in a heated jacket/vest, but we may not want to spend that much, or we simply only need it a few times a year. This is where the UnderWarmer comes into play.


  • Air activated and ready in 30 minutes
  • 12 hours of heating
  • Reusable (we will talk on this more)
  • Sizes S-XL and Youth

UnderWarmer Testing

We loaded in the car to go to Wyoming to visit the campus of University of Wyoming and see the local culture. We took this trip in the middle of January, so you know the weather was a little chilly. When we got there the first place I wanted to go was the football field, as I love checking out football stadiums at any college campus I go to.

When we arrived at the field it was pretty chilly and I knew it would be a perfect time to see what the UnderWarmer was made of. I took my flannel shirt off and put the UnderWarmer (size XL, I’m 185 pounds and 6’0) on over my t-shirt. They recommend putting it on over a shirt, but you can put it directly on the skin if you so desire.

The Underwarmer is activated by air, so there is no switch to push or something to shake up. They say it takes around 30 minutes to feel the heat coming and I actually started to feel the heat at around 20 minutes. It got quite cozy and warm. Given that its tighter and closer to your core it was actually a little warmer than some of the heated gear I’ve used in the past.

I wore it for 3 hours the first use and it stayed toasty the full time. Once we were done I took it off and put it into a Ziploc bag, as they say you can save the remaining heat for another use if you use this method. This was what I had the most questions about, so after 24 hours I pulled it out of bag and put it back on to see if it would get the original heating power back.

To my delight after about 25 minutes of being exposed to the air the UnderWarmer started heating back up. This is great, so now you can save some of the 12 hours of heating power for uses in the future. This is not a one and done product, until you use all 12 hours of heating.

Once the heating runs out then its time to discard the Underwarmer as you can’t recharge it. Given that the product was designed to keep you warm you can see how we discarded ours to ensure we got a little more heat out of it (video below).


Pros: 12 hours of heat, you can reuse it if you don’t use all the heat the first use, easy to use, easy to put on, keeps you warm

Cons: Given that you can store in a zipper bag to save the heat for another use I would recommend they make the UnderWarmer available in a zipper bag. Then you can simply reuse the original packaging to store your UnderWarmer.

Overall, the UnderWarmer does exactly what it says it will do. This product will keep your core toasty and is simple to use. The UnderWarmer is prefect for camping, hiking, tailgating and anything you’re doing outside where you will get cold. I have a few of these on deck for those future fall days of all day tailgating.

If you want to learn more and get your own the visit UNDERWARMER.

Thanks for reading through this blog on the UnderWarmer Review. Please let us know your thoughts and questions below.

The UnderWarmer Review Video

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/31/21

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