Thirst Mate Drink Float Review

I’m not going to lie, when I first opened up the Thirst Mate Drink Float, I had a moment of confusion. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. However, after checking out their product for a few minutes, and testing it out in my sweet baby pool, I realized that there are actually a lot of great qualities about the Thirst Mate.

For one, as an avid bottled water drinker, it was great to be able to upcycle some of my bottles instead of just tossing them in the recycling bin. In an age where being environmentally friendly is SO important, it’s nice to turn your trash into something useful. The fact that almost any plastic bottle (even 2 liters) can screw into the Thirst Mate makes it a more versatile product.

Another cool feature is that the Thirst Mate has a ring included in the design, so you can attach your Thirst Mate to a float, whether it’s in your backyard pool, or if you’re floating down a river or lake. While a lot of pool floats feature drink holders, the drink isn’t usually submerged the way it is with the Thirst Mate- the fact that it sits in the water keeps your drink colder, longer.

I also loved that it turns into a coaster if you flip it upside down. This was probably my favorite feature of the product, and the main reason I will continue using it. A pet peeve of mine is when the bottom of my drinks and koozies get sandy at the beach, so I will definitely be tossing it into my beach bag from now on.

PROS: Eco-friendly, made in the USA, sturdy design, fits a variety of drink containers, serves multiple purposes

CONS: If you don’t have an empty bottles, the product won’t work. I didn’t get a chance to test the product out in any rough waters, but I would definitely say this product is better for a lazy river, not so much white water rafting.

The Thirst Mate Drink Float would make an awesome pool party favor or novelty gift- I can see kids REALLY loving this product, and the fact they get to “build” it and make it float using old bottles. It’s also perfect for anyone who loves to float down rivers or lakes and enjoy a few cold ones.

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