Thrive+ Review

I love the show Shark Tank. I watch every episode and have come across some fun new products. I was watching recently, when I saw a new product that claims to stop/mitigate your hangovers before they even start. I was intriguied, but skeptical. I’m skeptical because I’ve had the opporutnity to review many products that claim if you take a few pills when you get done drinking that you’ll wake up feeling like a champ. I haven’t found one yet that I will say truly works. I also believe that one day there will be one on the market that will make this happen. There are many that can help you the day AFTER you drink and are nursing a hangover, so one day they should be able to make one that can help stop one from starting. So let’s give Thrive+ a shot!

I get my Thrive+ in and there were two different bottles. One was the After Alcohol Aid that comes in a pill form. The directions state to use after you have your last drink. The other was the ORS or Oral Hydration Solution. The ingredients are all natural, so it can’t hurt right? Well there is only one way to find out time to open a beer!

I had a few ice cold brews and then pulled out my bottle of After Alcohol Aid and passed it out to a few people at the party. As we passed the bottle around it slipped and fell on the ground and broke. My first piece of feedback is don’t make a bottle that will break, especially when you’re telling people to use it after they have been drinking. We all took it and then went to sleep. Fast Forward 8 hours later.

I awoke and I’ll be honest I didn’t feel great. I checked in with my friends and everyone had forgotten they had even used the After Alcohol Aid as there didn’t seem to be difference with how they would usually feel. So this product may work for some, but it didn’t help me out in my testing.

But before we write off Thrive+ let’s look at the ORS (Oral Hydration Solution). This is a powdered form that you mix into water or juice. You can use it the night of drinking, or the next morning. It has glucose and sodium to help rehydrate you. Remember drinking alcohol causes dehydration that can make the hangover worse. I like using the ORS the day after with some cold water. First observation is that it tastes great. We all know there are times when you wake up with a hangover and there are certain things that you just don’t want to drink, but this isn’t one of them. Further I believe it helps rehydrate you better than water alone. I’ve used this multiple times and I’m pleased with the overall results. I can give this a thumbs up on both taste and impact it can have on your hydration needs.

PROS: ORS tastes great and rehydrates

CONS: After Alcohol Aid didn’t help stop hangovers and needs to be made with shatter-proof bottle.

Overall, as with ALL items that claim to help stop/mitigate a hangover it will come down to the individual user (and how much you drink), while the After Alcohol Aid didn’t work for me it could be awesome for you. I did enjoy the ORS and if you need something to help with dehydration then you should check this out.

Get your own by visiting THRIVE+ today.

*This review is my opinion and my opinion alone. Your individual results may vary. The company did not pay me for my thoughts, but did provide the samples for review. As always PLEASE NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! Be safe out there and consume alcohol responsibly. 

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