Top 10 Stocking Stuffers 2022

Tis the season for getting stocking stuffer ideas! One of our holiday traditions is putting together our top stocking stuffers ideas that we came across in our Tailgating Challenges during the year. Let’s get merry and see this years Top 10 Stocking Stuffers in 2022. Now in no particular order here is our Top 10 list for Christmas 2022:

1. Quaffer Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are in one word: EPIC! These Quaffer Shot Glasses also known as double bubble glasses that use science to allow you to be a mixologist magician. You can make the alcohol actually sit on top of the mixer! Now you can make some delicious combinations that will have a unique visual appeal.

Check out how these work in our video below and then visit QUAFFER to get your own.

2. PourCaddy

Next up, the best way to take your spirits on the go is with the PourCaddy. It has a no spill spout and a secret compartment that holds shot glasses. No more lugging shot glasses and a bottle of your favorite spirit around. Our fav part is the no spill spout, so you aren’t wasting any of those precious spirits. I mean that is a party foul!

See our review of the PourCaddy below and then visit PourCaddy to get your own.

3. Meater +

If you’ve ever over or undercooked your meat then listen up. There is a wireless meat thermometer that pairs with your smart phone to ensure that you have the perfect cook. The Meater app tells you how much longer before you need to flip, when the food will be done, how long it needs to rest and both the grill and meat temperature.

Learn more in our video review below and visit MEATER to get your own.

4. DraftTop

Let’s drink topless! Put your shirt back on, we are talking about removing the top of your beer can. The DraftTop Lift is the fourth iteration of the DraftTop and this version will LIFT the top off when the process is complete. You can now see and smell your beer better, when it’s topless, meaning you will enjoy each a little more. Cheers to that!

See the DraftTop in action and then get your own by visiting DRAFTTOP.

5. LitHandlers

LitHandlers was seen on Shark Tank and got a deal as they are unique coozies that have a handle. The handle is what makes these so unique. Slide a few fingers into the handle and you’ll have a grip on your beverage like never before. In addition to the handle they have have a variety of sizes and styles that will help you stand out from the crowd.

See LitHandlers in our video below and get your own by visiting LITHANDLERS.

6. Drinky Darts

A coozie that is also a game? Meet Drinky Darts it’s the newest kid on the block and it brings beer darts to a coozie. It is also the only game of beer darts that I would ever play inside. Looking for more fun while you drink? It’s time for Drinky Darts.

See the game in action and then get your own by heading over to DRINKY DARTS.

7. Ralli

We all need to Ralli at times! When you have a little too much fun the night before a tailgate getting some Ralli in your system could help you feel more like a champion the next day. There aren’t many hangover ‘cures’ that we believe in but this is one that impressed us.

Check out our full thoughts on testing Ralli and then get your own HERE.

8. Bubbly Blaster

When you’re ready to celebrate spraying champagne has been a time honored tradition, but now there is a better way to spray champagne with the Bubbly Blaster! This was another as seen on Shark Tank product. It hooks up to a bottle of champagne and then blasts it out ,so you have less waste and more fun.

See the Bubbly Blaster in action below and then get your own by visiting BUBBLY BLASTER.

9.Tally Tumbler

When you’re playing yard games you normally have a cold drink in your hand. What if you could keep the score of your yard game with a tumbler? The Tally Tumbler can keep your drinks ice cold while keeping score of yard games, golf and tennis.

Learn more in our video below and then get your own by visiting Tally Tumbler.

10. SearPro

Last but not least, is one of the greatest ways to light a fire with SearPro! The SearPro hooks up to 1 lb propane tanks and gives an incredible flame to light fire pits, sear foods and make you look like a tailgating master.

See this in action below and then get your own by visiting SEARPRO.


There you have it our top 10 stocking stuffers for 2022. We think these will brighten up the faces of all of your tailgating family and friends. Let us know your favorite ones and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Here is the Christmas full video enjoy:

What did we miss? Let us know your top tailgating stocking stuffers. No products paid to be in our top 10 list. These were just 10 items tested in 2022 that we enjoyed and though you might too.

Written By: Luke Lorick 12/7/22

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