Top Night Yard Games

We love playing yard games, so much so that we founded National Yard Games Day! One problem that we faced was that our games would go well past sunset, but playing yard games in the night can be challenging. We made it our mission to find some yard games that you could play at night and still have maximum fun. Below are five games that we think you too will agree are top night yard games.

Zber Disc Golf

First up is Zber Disc Golf. This game uses discs that light up to throw towards targets. Your goal is to knock the small yellow ball off the top with the disc.

Learn more in our full video review below and then visit ZBER DISC GOLF to get your own.


Meet ThroGlo a ring toss game where the rings and the cone both light up, so you can go deep into the night trying to get the ring on the cone.

Learn more in our video review below and then visit THROGLO.

Bottle Bash

The BottleBash game can allow you to add a light up frisbee and a light up bottle, so you can play this game all night long. Without these light up features the game is impossible to play in the dark, but now the game doesn’t stop.

Learn more in our video review and get your own by visiting Bottle Bash.

Kan Jam Illuminate

Kan Jam is one of our favorite games, but our games always had to end when the sun went down. The team at Kan Jam recognized an opportunity and brought out the glow in the dark edition.

See more in our video review below and get your own by visiting Kan Jam.


HoloGear makes sports balls that you can see glow in the dark. We aren’t talking the regular glow in the dark, this puts on a full show. It needs a form of light to catch on the ball to release the magical powers. We have a football and basketball that can make balling at night way more fun.

Learn more in the video below and then visit HoloGear.

There you have it, FIVE new games that you can play all night long. Now you will never have to let the sun dictate when you get to play your favorite yard games.

Let us know your favorite games and if we missed an awesome light up game, message us.

Here is the FULL VIDEO of the line up of all of these games that were built for the night. Let us know what questions you have and thanks for reading our blog on the top night yard games. While you’re on YouTube make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button.

Top Night Yard Games Video

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Written By: Luke Lorick 6/20/21

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