Towelgator Review

If you tailgate or camp then I have no doubt that paper towels are something that makes the list of must have items for every excursion. We all know that mother nature and her wind can cause paper towels to unravel and fly off the table.  Sure you could stash the paper towels away in a bag and pull them out when you need them, but sometimes you need them ready and available now!

The Towelgator aims to solve these problems and help keep your paper towels where you need for when you need them.

The Towelgator comes in a variety of colors and is simple to use. The Towelgator utilizes two pieces of light weight piping that attaches with chain. The chains can be wrapped around many objects to hang the Towelgator: from your grill, to in your garage, to the tailgate tent and more.

In my use with the Towelgator it was easy to attach and use and better yet: it worked. I had it hanging from the grill on a windy day and there was never any issue with it blowing away or causing the towels to unravel.

PROS: easy to use, variety of colors, allows one hand use to pull the paper towel off, it works

CONS: there could be some places/applications where you are unable to find a place to hang it from.

Overall, if you’re outside on the regular and are tired of your paper towels blowing away, or needing both hands to get a paper towel off, then check out the Towelgator.

Visit their site today:

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