TrailForm Backpack to Chair Review

We love products that can serve multiple purposes and just found the latest one that fits into that mold. Let me introduce you to the Trailform Chameleon backpack that can transform into a chair.

The Trailform Chameleon backpack looks like your normal backpack, but it contains a secret. A secret power that will allow you to make the actual backpack into a chair. This sounded very interesting to us, so we got our hands on one of these Trailform backpacks to put it to our Tailgating Challenge.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this unique backpack:

-Abrasion and Water Resistant Ballistic Nylon Shell

-36 liters of storage (1-3 day pack)

-Ability to add a water bladder (not included)

-Two drink holders that can up to 40 ounce beverage container

-Laptop storage pocket

-Chest strap with whistle

-Waist Strap with pocket 

-Chair frame weighs 20 ounces

-Chair supports up to 300 pounds

The Trailform backpacks come in green, orange, black and camo. We were hoping to snag one of their green packs, but they were sold out. We went with the camo design for our testing unit. The Trailform pack came in and we got to work learning more about this pack. The main thing to learn is about setting up the chair.

Here are my tips for setting up the chair:

-If you have any gear in the large/main storage area this will have to be removed. 

-You will then unzip the backpack to as I say “filet the pack” as you’re going open the zippers all the way up and essentially turn it inside out.

-Set up the frame which is simple as it is all connected and you’re simply pulling the poles out and locking them. 

-There are 4 anchor points on the backpack that will attach to the chair. Slide the top ones on first. 

-Then place your feet on the front of the frame to stabilize, as you hook the last two anchor points on the bottom of the frame.

-Then you are all set up and it should take you less than 2 minutes to set this up. 

Next up, lets talk about the comfort level of this chair. The frame is noted to hold up to 300 pounds. I weigh 185 and I sat down in the chair and did some shaking and different pressure tests to check the durability of the frame (check out the video below). The frame feels durable and held up well. The chair itself is low to the ground, but is actually pretty comfortable. When saying this I’m not comparing it to your luxury recliner at the house, but for what it is I was pretty surprised. I’ve tested some ultra portable chairs that I’d rather just sit on a rock than the chair, but this is not one of those chairs.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised the first time you take a load off in this Trailfrom backpack chair.

Overall, this backpack works great as a backpack alone and the ability to transform into a chair is a nice bonus.  The only thing that could cause some frustrations from people is that when you set the chair up you have to remove any contents you have in your main storage compartment of the pack.

Learn more and get your own Trailform Chameleon backpack by visiting TRAILFORM

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We NEVER get paid to give a review as that is a conflict of interest! We were sent a sample unit to test out with the intention of giving our honest thoughts.

Written By: Luke Lorick 9/23/20

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