Trolley Cooler Bag

I love coolers and I’ve tested a TON of them! If you’re like me you have a specific cooler for certain situations. The going to a neighbors house cooler, camping cooler, tailgating cooler and the list goes on. In our quest for looking for the coolest coolers we come across some unique coolers and some unassuming coolers that end up being better than we expected. We got our hands on the Trolley Cooler Bag from Guay Outdoors and this was the unassuming cooler that we liked the more we used it.

The Trolley Cooler Bag is a smaller cooler that is on 360 swivel wheels. When I first saw it, I felt ambivalent about it. It didn’t have any crazy features, it wasn’t rotomolded, it couldn’t hold a full case of beer(and ice too), so would it make my cut to get into my cooler rotation? Before we dive deeper into my experience let’s first look at some of the features of this trolley cooler bag.


  • Robust nylon fabric
  • Leak Proof/Insulated lining
  • High-density foam
  • Dual-slider zipper
  • Reinforced dual cross-stitched handles
  • 360 degree swivel wheels
  • Dimensions: H: 17.5” x L: 10.5” x W: 9.5
  • 36 Can Capacity
  • 3 pounds

When testing coolers I like to look at: Cooling powers, special features, ease of use/ergonomics.

Cooling Powers

We loaded ours up with ice packs to see how well it would keep things cold. After 36 hours I was impressed as the temp was well below freezing! You can see exactly how cold with our digital thermometer shot in the video below. I almost dropped my jaw. I’ll say that it is cooler in Colorado at the time of this test, so the results will look different on a 100 degree summer day. The cooler bag sat in our 70 degree house during this test.

Special Features

The coolest features about this cooler is the 360 swivel wheels. These help make getting around a breeze.

Ease of Use

This cooler has three different ways to carry: rolling, handle to pick up and a shoulder strap. This cooler is super easy to get around and weighing only 3 pounds I am a fan. The cooler states it can hold 36 beers and while you could squeeze them in you won’t have any room for ice. To me this is a 6-12 beer type cooler with the proper amount of ice included.

Overall, this Trolley Cooler Bag is easy to use, kept things way colder than I anticipated and will work its way into my rotation especially for neighborhood get togethers.

You can get your own on AMAZON

Trolley Cooler Bag Captain

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We NEVER get paid for our reviews, so you can trust what we say is the truth! You deserve that and may not be getting that everywhere you look…..We were sent one trolley cooler bag to test out with the understanding that we will give our honest thoughts.

Written By: Luke Lorick 12/1/20

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