Truma LevelCheck Review

If you use a propane grill then you’ve had the terrible experience where you run out of propane! How frustrating is it to have your food on the grill, cooking when you run out of gas and can’t fully cook the food for you and your friends?

Our friends at Truma have an awesome device called the Truma LevelCheck which will ensure this never happens again.    The Truma LevelCheck that we reviewed is portable, ergonomic, has a built in flash light and is dummy proof.

The Truma LevelCheck comes ready to go out of the package and uses ultrasound technology to indicate the level of propane in your LP tank. You simply press the LevelCheck to the propane tank and it will light up red (empty area) or green (where current level is). You can quickly and easily find how much gas you have left and when you need to make a run for a refill.

PROS: ergonomic, comes with battery, built in led flash light, portable, accurate, fun and techy
CONS: You have to keep up with the device.
Overall, if you want to keep tabs on your propane level, as well as help neighbors, and fellow tailgaters then this is a must have. Check them out today!

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