Twin Cities Heated Gloves

Cold hands suck! Living in the south most of my life this wasn’t a huge problem that I had, but since moving to Colorado it has become an area of concern. The sub freezing temperatures and snow make having a good pair of gloves a must have. There are plenty of gloves out there, but how about taking the glove a step further and adding a heating element? That is exactly what Ororowear did when they created the Twin Cities heated gloves.

As noted, Colorado can be COLD in the winter. We had a big snow storm recently and I went out afterwards to film a video on a heated tailgating chair (you can see it HERE) and while doing this my hands were frozen. When I came inside and started warming up, my hands literally hurt from the exposure. I knew then that I needed some good gloves that can keep my hands warm and still allow me to use my phone.

I’ve worked with Ororowear in the past when we got to check out their HEATED VEST, so I checked out their glove offerings and low and behold there were the Twin Cities heated gloves that were calling my name. I got my pair in just in time for our next snow storm that came through Colorado recently.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Ororowear Twin Cities Heated Gloves:

-3 levels of heating

-touch screen compatible

-3M Thinsulate



We got our Twin Cities heated gloves in and the first thing I noticed was that there were two sets of gloves in the package. At first I thought this was an error, until I understood what the 3 in 1 features meant. The Twin Cities glove is a “3-in-1” because you can wear the inner fleece liner alone for a more streamlined look, the outer glove by itself in more extreme environments, or both pieces together for the ultimate Heated Glove experience.

I like the fact that I could actually choose which glove to wear, or combo them up. The only downfall with putting them both on is that it can feel a little bulky and feels a little harder to use your hands. The interior glove has the battery and heating element and is a thinner, more sleek glove. The exterior glove has no heating element, but is more rugged and built for things like playing in the snow. It’s also nice that you can give one set of gloves to your significant other, so you both can have a pair. Or you could also just keep them both for yourself, your call.

The main attraction of these gloves is the heated element and there are three heated levels.

High: 131ºF/55ºC

Medium: 113ºF/45ºC

Low: 104ºF/40ºC

The heat is more of an ambient heat and my preference is the HIGH setting, as that is the one that feels the best. I likely won’t use the other settings, as its all HIGH all the time for me. Speaking of the HIGH heat setting it will last for about 3 hours while the low setting gets closer to 7 hours of heat time.

PROS: 2 pairs of gloves, keeps hands warmer than gloves alone, 3 heating levels, can use a touchscreen

CONS: with both sets of gloves on feels a little bulky on your hands

Overall, this is a unique pairing of gloves that brings in the warmth of a heated element. These have been working out perfectly in our new Colorado home and I’m not worried about the cold causing that painful, numb feeling to my hands ever again.

Learn more and get your own Twin Cities gloves by visiting OROROWEAR

Keep those hands toasty in the snow.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 11/11/20

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