UFO Solar Light

When the sun goes down the fun doesn’t have to stop. All you need is a little light. There are TONS of outdoor lights out there, but here at Tailgating Challenge we like to test out the coolest and most unique products, so let’s check out the UFO Solar Light from Kamp-Rite.

We got our hands on this unique UFO Solar Light and took it up on top of a mountain to see how it would perform. Before we get into our experience let’s take a look at some of the features of this UFO light.

-Bluetooth Speaker

-6 total lights. 3 are removeable lights

-Rugged construction 

-Solar panels

-Carry cases

We loaded our UFO Solar Light up and set it up at sunset on a remote mountain top in Colorado. There are two different cases, one that will carry the light and the other will carry the legs and hardware. When loaded the pack with the light weighs around 7 pounds and the pack with the legs/hardware is around 10 pounds. With that said this isn’t the light you are going to take with you on a long hiking trip.

Set up of the UFO Solar Light takes around 3 minutes(See video below for set up). You start with sliding each of the three legs into the base and then locking them in place with screw on attachment at the bottom. Then attach the mount at the top of the base for where the light will sit. My tip for connecting the light is to attach the black springs to the light first and then attach it to the base mount. If you do it the other way it can be a little more challenging.

The UFO Solar Light has SIX lights. Three of them are fixed and three of them are removable. The removeable ones also have a hanger so you can hang them in various locations around your campsite. All of the lights charge via solar power, or if you charge the UFO Solar Light at home via micro USB. It is nice that you don’t have to charge each light/speaker individually. When you light this up it looks really cool at night and can really brighten the area you set this UFO light up in.

There is one bluetooth speaker that is also removeable in the center of the light. This pairs easily with your phone and while it is not the loudest speaker you’ve heard it gets the job done to bring some tunes to the party. The speak also has a hanger if you elect to hang it in a different location.

The UFO Light has a telescopic pole that allows you to raise or lower this light to various heights and did I mention the legs/frame are durable. Nothing is made cheaply and this UFO Solar light. Our light has held up well in our various uses (we’ve had our unit now over a year).

Overall, this is one of the coolest lights I’ve ever tested. While it’s not the most portable light, it looks awesome, brings the tunes, has removeable lights and resembles a UFO when the sun goes down.

Check out the video below to see all these features in action and WHY this really is a UFO light.

Learn more and get your own UFO Solar Light by visiting KAMP-RITE


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Written By: Luke Lorick 10/3/20

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