Ukiah Drifter Stereo Grill Review

We love getting outside and firing up the grill while we listen to some great tunes. Normally this means you need both a grill and then a bluetooth speaker system to get into this utopia. Ukiah Co. has made a grill that has a built in bluetooth stereo system. Everything you need all in one grill? Sign us up.

Ukiah is all about adding stereos to items that we use outdoors. In addition to this slick grill they also have a fire pit that has a built in sound system and the flames will actually dance to the music you play (learn more about the dancing fire pit HERE). Their new stereo grill is the Drifter and we got our hands on one to put it to our Tailgating Challenge.

First, let us take a look at some of the features of the Drifter grill:

• Patented 12V 100 watt sound system
• Two 3” Marine-grade speakers
• 3 Modes: Music | Grill | Music & Grill
• Wireless connectivity with 60Ft Range
• Custom rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
• Electric starter
• Stainless steel waterproof power switch
• Quick-connect adapter for LP tanks
• Rugged construction 304-grade steel
• Cast Aluminum Lid
• Glass-reinforced nylon legs
The Drifter has dimensions of: 26 x 13 x 13 Inches // 23 LBS and is easy to get to and from your next tailgating, or camping event. We got ours out of the box and it was easy to move around with the built in handles on both sides. The Drifter does not come ready for a hook up to a standard 20 pound propane tank, but you can get an adapter to make that happen. Given the portable aspect of this grill it does come ready for use with a 1 pound propane tank cylinder (not included). We picked up a propane canister and it was time to get to work.
The first thing we wanted to test was the stereo system. This is what sets this grill apart from the competition, but only if its a great sound system. We quickly paired our phone with the grill . It was seamless to connect to bluetooth, but hold on as you start to crank the tunes up. WOW, the sound quality and sound level were impressive. We started to climb the volume up and it got louder and louder, but all the while maintaining crisp highs and deep lows.
Strange enough the only feedback for the stereo system is not what you think it would be, it may be too loud. I say that as even when on the lowest level it still could be slightly louder than you may want for casual background music. Overall, the sound system passed our challenge with flying colors. Heck we even threw water all over the speakers and they kept on pumping out the tunes. Check out the video below to see this water test in live action.
Next up, it was time to fire up this stereo grill. There is 1 AA battery that is needed for the electric starter. Simply cut on the gas, then hold the starter until the flame lights. It lit up each time we tried with zero issues. The thermometer on the top of the grill reads up to 750 degrees F and the Drifter can quickly can get up to meat grilling temperatures.
We put some fish burgers on the grill and the sizzle sound was so refreshing to hear. The Drifter maintained a consistent temperature and we were able to adjust the temperature with turning the front knobs up or down to get the temperature dialed in. The food turned out great and clean up was simple with just pulling out the two grill grates and wiping them down.
Overall, this is an excellent grill if you need a portable grill that can help bring the ‘party’ to your next cook out.
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We never get paid to make a review, so we can be honest with our fans. Ukiah Co. sent us one sample unit to test with the intentions of getting our true thoughts.

Written By: Luke Lorick 8/30/20

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