Wallet Buckle Review

I don’t know about you, but I kind of hate having a wallet on me all the time. The bulge in the back pocket isn’t always comfortable, but hey we need to have our ID and credit cards on us, right? What if there was a way you could have your ID and credit cards on you without having to put a wallet in your back pocket? There is now, thanks to the team at Wallet Buckle.

The Wallet Buckle is a belt buckle that can hold up to 4 cards, so you can have your ID and multiple credit card on you…in your belt buckle. The Wallet Buckle is secure, as I’ve tested it and if you insert the cards all the way into the Wallet Buckle they will not come out. You do not have to have 4 cards in the Wallet Buckle, you can have a single card and it works the same.

What makes the Wallet Buckle even cooler is that you can get them in your favorite college, NFL, or NBA team. They also have tons of other fun designs like the American Flag, or ones made from ostrich or even shark skin. They will have something for you.

I’ll be honest I’ve never really worn a belt buckle before, but since I do live in Texas now I’m pretty sure it is a requirement. The team at Wallet Buckle sent me the Dallas Cowboys buckle to test out and first things first I had to get a belt that could accept a buckle. Once I tackled that hurdle I hooked up the Wallet Buckle (only took a matter of seconds) and was styling and profiling. I walked into a local grocery store and went to check out and then whipped out my credit card from the Wallet Buckle. Pretty sure everyone from the cashier to the people behind me were impressed…or maybe it was in my head, but either way I had fun checking out with the Wallet Buckle.

There is only one downfall that I experienced with the Wallet Buckle and that is the clip that goes into the belt hole is a little big and was hard to get it off afterwards. Of course I dominated it, but it took longer than it should:)

PROS: Rep your team, don’t carry a bulky wallet, feel awesome when you whip out your card to pay

CONS: Undoing the belt is harder than expected as the clip that goes into the belt hole may be a touch large

Overall, this is a fun way to represent your team at a tailgate and get rid of that pesky wallet. When you get your Wallet Buckle people WILL ask you about your belt buckle, so prepare yourself.

Get your Wallet Buckle HERE

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