Warphole Review

Cornhole is one of my favorite tailgating games and it continues to grow in popularity, but the boards have been the same for years. The team at Warphole decided it was time to WARP the boards. They took the regular cornhole board and then Warpped it!

The Warphole boards have an actual wave in the board to take your bags on a rollercoaster style ride. The board is made from high quality wood and it is very smooth. The waves in the these warpped boards add a different level of challenge for players to overcome. The boards are 2 feet by 4 feet and it also comes with the bags needed to play.  The boards currently come only in this size and there is no customization offered, yet. They also plan to offer smaller sizes of Warphole boards in the future.

I got these boards in and when I pulled them out of the box I was amazed at how smooth the surface was, along with the fun cuves in the board. I set the boards up and started tossing bags. The first thing I noticed was that given how smooth the boards were, along with the curves, the bags could easily go on a ride and shoot right off the back. The next thing you learn is that where, on a regular board, you may have scored a point on the front of the board it now is on an incline and can slide off. There is a dip/valley in the middle of the board where bags can slide down and find themselves straded. There is also a curve at the very top of the boards, by the hole, that can cause bags to slide off the back too.

What I quickly learned was that you needed to change your style of play up, a little bit, from regular cornhole to play Warphole effectively. Most of my friends enjoy a good game of cornhole and were ready to see this crazy looking new set of boards that I got in. One of the first things people say when they toss their first bags is:

whoa this is different.

Some people are scared of change, but I embrace it and so do those that have played Warphole with me. The change of the standard cornhole boards actually increases the level of fun in the game. When people come over to hang out now they say they want to play the new type of cornhole I have, they want to play Warphole.

PROS: fun, clean looking boards, the curves add additional challenge

CONS: They do not currently customize the boards. They need so to smooth the point on the inside of the handles out to make for more comfortable carrying of the game.

Overall, this is a fun new take on a classic. I’m a fan of this game and yes it has WARPPED my perception of regular cornhole.

Check out Warphole and when you do I want you to let me know what you think.

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