We Play Change Game Review

The classic game of quarters has been around for years and this game has entertained many people for hours, but playing the same game over and over again can get boring! What if when you got bored with the game play you just changed the design of the game to a whole new CHALLENGE? We got our hands on We Play Change game that can help ensure you never get bored playing again.

We Play Change is a set of interlocking wood blocks that you can design in a variety of ways to add more fun to your game of quarters. One reason they came up with this game is to add the launch pads that ensure the quarters will bounce, no matter what surface you are playing on. They also wanted to ensure fun new ways of playing their game, so that no one ever got bored and put their game in the corner to be forgotten about.

We got our hands on the We Play Change game and while everything sounded good I knew in the back of my mind I had never been a big fan of playing quarters. That just wasn’t my game. I’ll bounce a few quarters and once I got a few in I quickly became disinterested. I put this game to the side, as I wasn’t sure if I was the right person to test this game out. The game sat until I moved to my new house and pulled it out again. I got to thinking this could actually have some great possibilities.

I opened the game up and started building different designs to bounce the quarter through. Once I mastered one I’d make a new one and try my hand at that. I wanted to shoot crazy shots and while filming the video I really enjoyed the different challenges that this game continued to provide. I thought back to why I put this game to the side originally and laughed as I knew I was dead wrong. My perception of the classic game of quarters is exactly why We Play Change was invented. It was to take the boring out of the game and give you creativity. Creativity to design the playing surface how ever you like and then keep increasing the challenges day after day.

I’m a huge fan of trick shots and setting up that special shot that you keep trying until you make it. With We Play Change you can set up a variety of fun related trick, or difficult shots to see if you and your friends can be big time.  Check out the video below to see some of the fun shots we made while playing.

If you are tired of boring then it is time for a change, We Play Change.

Check out We Play Change by visiting: https://weplaychange.com/

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We did not get paid to make this review! We Play Change sent us one game to test out with the intent of getting our honest feedback.

Written By: Luke Lorick 7/4/20

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