Wicked Cold Koozie Review

If you’re like me you have a ton of koozies. Most them are thrown in the kitchen drawer and used interchangeably. There are a few koozies that I have come across in my many reviews of tailgating products that stood out and the Wicked Cold Koozie is one of them.

The Wicked Cold Koozie can hold both cans and bottles and is vaccum insulated to keep your drink cold for as long as you sip it. Koozies that keep drinks cold aren’t something new ,but a magnetic base is. The magnetic base can help hold the drink in place when you are dong a variety of activities, so your drink doesn’t spill. No one wants to have a party foul, right?

The Wicked Cold Koozie also has a built in bottle opener on the bottom and when you pop the top it catches the bottle cap. Thats another benefit of the magnetic base on this koozie.

How will you use the magnetic base? From putting it on a panel of the car (it won’t slide off) to finding a spot under the hood of your car to place your drink, the possibilities are endless. In fact the driving force for making these koozies was that they could never find a flat spot to put their drink on when working under the hood of their car. Out of necessity comes invention.

We know the following:

-It can hold cans or bottles
-Vaccum insulated to keep your drink ice cold
-Magnetic base
-Built in bottle opener

The part that really makes this koozie ‘pop’ is the powder coating customizing they did for me before they sent the koozie out. We picked a bright color and added “Tailgating Challenge” to one side and “Home of National Tailgating Day” to the other side. I was very impressed by the detail and how unique this koozie was when it arrived. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I love being different and love one off things. This Wicked Cold Koozie is just that and I love it!

This koozie can be as unique as you are. If you’re tired of basic koozies, then go check out Wicked Cold Koozies and design a koozie that was meant for you!

Get yours HERE

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