Wingman Shot Glass Review

A good wingman takes one for the team and in doing so may need some motivation to be the best wingman possible.  By motivation, I mean some liquid motivation to get them to proper wingman status. That is where theWINGMAN SHOT GLASS comes in.

The Wingman Shot Glass is a shot glass built for you and your wingman (or wingwoman). The Wingman Shot Glass even has wings on the side of the glass. The Wingman Shot Glass is made from a clear plastic that breaks down into two pieces for easy clean up and storage. Let’s talk about why this shot glass is special: because the shot glasses are hooked together, so you have to take the shot in tandem. What is even crazier about the Wingman Shot Glass is that the part that connects the two shot glasses is hollow and also fills with the liqour of your choice. With that being said, you can put over five ounces of your favorite spirit into this shot glass. So both people will essentially be taking a double shot.

Let’s talk about how it worked out for me. I found the best wingman I can see in the video I was scraping the bottom of the barrel:) I then filled the Wingman Shot Glass with my favorite whiskey and watched as it seemed to take a long time to fill the entire shot glass up. That’s what over 5 ounce pours will do when you know you have to take it all to the head. Regardless, the Wingman Shot Glass was filled up and ready for my wingman and me to turn it up. Here is the tricky part, you have to be in sync, or it will spill on you. You both need to start the shot at the same time and keep drinking until all of the liquid refreshment is gone.

Here is my tip if you want to mess with your wingman: while taking the shot you can tilt it their way and more of the shot will flow that way for them to drink, so you take one shot, they take four haha.

PROS: fun way to take shot, easy clean up
CONS: there is a chance of spilling

Overall, this is a fun way to take a shot with your wingman or wingwoman. If you want to get your team motivated and have some fun, then it’s time for you to check out the WINGMAN SHOT GLASS.


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