Wonderbag Review

A bag that can keep your food hot and even help cook it too, all without the need of any power!?

I know, I know I had my skeptical face on when I first heard these claims, but I always keep an open mind and got one in for myself to test out.

The Wonderbag arrived vaccumed packed and after opening it was ready to use. I know many need quantifiable data to show that something works, so I did a simple test of testing the temperature before the Wonderbag and then again 5 hours later.

I brought the contents of my pot to a boil (208 degrees F to be exact) and then placed it into the Wonderbag. I came back a little over 5 hours later and even opening the Wonderbag I could still feel the heat. The contents were still hot, 123 degrees to be exact. This proves, with data, that the Wonderbag can keep your food hot over long periods of time.

PRO: Easy to use design, A portion of every purchase goes to help families in need in Africa. Great at keeping contents warm.

CONS: challenging to know exactly how long to start cooking something before putting it ito the Wonderbag to ‘finish’ the cooking.

Overall, I’ll be using this to take hot dishes to tailgates or just neighborhood get togethers.

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