YAKET Grips Review

Get a grip on your tumbler! Thats what the YAKET Grips team had in mind when they made custom grips for the Yeti 30oz and 20oz Ramblers. The great thing is these will fit on more than just Yeti Tumblers.

The YAKET Grips are a 1.5mm thick silicone rubber designed to feel great in your hand and never let your precious cup slip out of your hand. The YAKET Grip team sent me over a few to try from, blue to pink to even camo there are a variety of colors that you can add to your favorite tumbler to help get a comfortable grip.

As mentioned, these come in a 20oz and 30oz size and are pretty easy to put on. You simply insert your tumbler into the opening and then work it up the tumbler until it is positioned where you would like it. With some tumblers it may be harder so they recommend adding a little Windex to the inside of the YAKET Grip prior to install to help.

So now that we know the story behind the YAKET Grip and how to install the big question:

How did it do in the field test? 

The YAKET Grip was simply more comfortable than gripping the standard cup. It felt good in my had and felt stable in my hand. I think there is more value for the stainless tumblers that are a little slicker than some of the powdercoated ones that aren’t as slick.

PROS: comfy grip and helps with slipping, comes in a variety of colors and can even get your logo on them.

CONS: They fit certain cups better than others

Overall, if you have a tumbler and want to add some color and ensure that a tumbler never slips out of your hands again, then its time to get a grip with YAKET Grip.

Get yours today by CLICKING HERE

*These opinions are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary.

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