Yeti Brick Review

We all know the Yeti name is at the pinnacle when it comes to keeping things ice cold, but sometimes those ice cold things need to be opened. Yeti came up with what could be the biggest and baddest bottle opener on the market: Yeti Brick.

The Yeti Brick is 3/4 of a pound stainless steel bottle opener. The Brick has a hole for easy hanging and the ever popular Yeti name engraved on the center of the opener.

In our testing of the opener it easily dominated the challenge of opening an ice cold beer. I used this at a party recently and passed it around and people were in awe of the weight and look of the Yeti Brick. Everyone wanted to use it to see how well it would open their next bottle of liquid beverage refreshement. The Yeti Brick showed up for the challenge each and every time.

PROS: Great conversation piece, clean/classic look, opens a bottle of beer like no other.

CONS: Being 3/4 of a pound it can weigh your pants down if you’re walking around with it.

Overall, if you’re looking to make both a statement and open your bottles with ease, then its time you check out the Yeti Brick.

Order yours today by visiting Yeti:

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