Yeti Hopper Review

The name Yeti has become synonymous with keeping things ice cold for days. We were sent the Yeti Hopper to test out and see how it would fare with the tailgater in mind.

First off, the Yeti Hopper looks amazing and rugged. The material blocks UV rays and is puncture proof. For being a ‘soft’ cooler this cooler is anything but. There is a HydroLock zipper at the top of the cooler to ensure that it never leaks and it does a great job and keep the contents of the cooler inside the cooler. The ColdCell Insulation is where the Yeti gets its cooling power. This insulation, in my opinion, looks and feels awesome. I loaded it with about 20 beers and a single bag of ice and then tested it each day to see the condition of the ice as well as get a digital temperature of the contents of the cooler.

After one day, the ice was about 50% melted and the temperature of the contents was 52 degrees.

After two days, the ice was completely melted and the temperature of the contents was 62 degrees.

PROS: Looks awesome, super durable, leak and puncture proof, tie down points, shoulder strap

CONS: when fully loaded it is heavy to carry, Ice melted faster than I anticipated.
Overall, this is a great cooler for a day at the tailgate, day on the boat, or an overnight camping trip. If you’re looking for something that is going to keep ice for days and contents at a low temperature you may want to get one of the Yeti solid coolers.

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*The opinions expressed above are mine alone and your individual results may vary. This, like all of our reviews, was not a paid review. 

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