Yukon Glory Magnetic BBQ Tools

Every had your hands full and wished you would have grabbed the grilling spatula, tongs, etc. while making your way to the grill? Don’t worry about having the tools you need or a place to put your beer and paper towels with the Yukon Glory Magnetic BBQ tool kit.

The team a Yukon Glory brought out a full line of magnetized grilling accessories, so they will always be near the grill when you need them. The tools that you can get include:

-grill brush
-beer holders (I mean cup holders)
-paper towl holder
-Bluetooth All-weather speaker. Yes it also has a magnet.

All of the above items can quickly attach to any convenient place on your grill. When I got my set in I place them down the line of the grill table and was amazed they held onto the grill so strong. I’ve left them outside during some higher winds and all were still attached when I came back. The Cup Holder and Paper Towel holder have SUPER STRONG magnets that hold them up too.

The idea of having all of these things in reach, but allowing the entire grill tables to be clear for food, oils, seasonsing, rubs etc. is a great idea that I really like.

I bumped into the grill and they stood strong. The wind blew they stood strong. I opened and closed the grill they stood strong. It was only when I attempted to roll the grill around did a tool fall off, so they can fall off, but I’m impressed with their holding power.

The bluetooth speaker is an all-weather speaker that has a rechargeable battery, a carrying strap, and even a magnet to attach to your grill, fridge or vehicle. The speaker has pretty good sound for being relatively small. I will say that it could use a stronger magnet as it did fall off in my tests. The magnets on the grilling tools appear to be stronger than that of the speaker, but the speaker is the heaviest. I’ll say the speak took a fall and now has some scuff marks, but it did not damage the sound or functionality of the speaker at all.

PROS: wide array of tools that hook up to your grill in magnetic fashion and hold strong. Multiple tools have a bottle opener built in.

CONS: given enough movement the bbq tools may fall off.  Some don’t have dual sided magnets so you have to have it on correct side to attach. The bluetooth speaker needs a stronger magnet.

Overall, a fun idea for the grillmaster in your life. Get a grip and free up valuable grill space with the Yukon Glory Magnetic tool kit.

Get yours by visiting Yukon Glory.

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