Yukon Glory Steak Boards Review

I love a good steak and grilling one to perfection to then put it on a basic plate lacks the proper presentation the meat deserves. The team at Yukon Glory came up with premium steak boards for you to present your work of art in the most eye appealing way possible.

The steak boards are made from Acacia wood and look beautiful when you pull them from the box. The boards have a built in knife holder (knife is included), two cut outs for dipping sauces should you be feeling a little saucey, and even a drip ring to catch any of the steak juices, so they don’t run off the board.

Lets look at the features that make this board the perfect center piece at your next cook out:

-Acacia wood. The wood is perfectly smooth and looks elegant.

-Included knife. It has serated edges and has the wooden handle to match the board.

-2 sauce cups. Ready for your dipping sauces of choice.

-Drip ring. The groove fully encircles where you’ll put the meat, so it can catch any juices.

PROS: looks great, built in knife slot, drip ring, can class up the presentation of your food

CONS: not dishwasher safe

Overall, if you’re having guests over for a nice cook out, this will put the finishing touches on the amazing meal you will prepare. The presentation of your food will be taken to a new level. It’s said that how the eye precieves the food can enhance or detract from the actual taste of the food. Prepare to enjoy your steak even more with the Yukon Glory Steak Boards.

Get your premium steak board HERE

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