Zonli Wireless Heated Blanket Review

Heated blankets are amazing. They bring extra warmth and cozy feelings when you’re under them, but you’re tethered to the location you’re using it, thanks to those pesky wires. It’s time to cut the cord and make wireless heated blankets a norm. In this blog we learn more about the Zonli Wireless Heated Blanket Review.

Zonli Wireless Heated Blanket Features

-3 heat settings up to 149 degrees

-Up to 7 hours of heat (on low)

-Waterproof/windproof exterior shell

-Sherpa fleece lined

-Multiple different colors

What Did We Think?

My wife loves her heated blanket, but she only uses it on the couch. When I saw the Zonli Z-Walk Pro Heated Blanket I knew this was something we could put to the Tailgating Challenge. When a friend is cold at an outdoor party having a wireless heated blanket they can use, can make the party more enjoyable for both you and them.

This isn’t the first heated piece of gear that we have tested, so when we do our testing we focus on comfort, battery, and how does it compare to the ‘wired’ options.

First, lets speak to comfort. This Z-Walk Pro has a fleece lined inner panel that is extremely comfortable that we found better than some blankets we had in our house. The outside shell also helps protect from wind and water. In our water tests you can see the water bead up and roll off, like a freshly waxed car.

Now onto the battery. The battery is where the magic of heat comes from. The battery on this unit is larger than average and I would like to see the size of the battery scaled down in the future. The battery is able to keep the heat going on low for approximately 7 hours, on high we got over 2 hours of heat. The battery has a digital reading to advise how much battery % is left. One tip is to make sure the battery is cut off (the button on the actual battery) when you’re done using it. If not, the battery will drain, even when the blanket is not heating. I came back to a dead battery multiple times, even when the blanket wasnt being used to heat us up.

Finally, we put this wireless heated blanket against a wired heated blanket. The Zonli blanket with the fleece lining felt better on my skin. The wired blanket did get warmer than the wireless blanket, but it wasn’t a huge difference. Point being, the wireless edition went head-to-head and did extremely well against the wired competition.


PROS: 3 heat seatings, fleece lined, waterproof exterior shell, magnetic clip to be able to wear the blanket when moving around
CONS: battery is bulky

Overall, if you’re looking for a solution to cold, windy, rainy days the Zonli wireless heated blanket could help heat up your tailgate and allow you to have more fun even when the weather isn’t ideal.

Learn more and get your own by visiting ZONLI.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/31/24

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