22below Koozie Review

If you tailgate then you have a koozie, or if you are like me 100 different koozies. There are a few rules when it comes to tailgate koozies:

-They need to look cool

-Keep drinks cold

-Be able to fit in your pocket

-Not fall apart after a few uses

If you can meet these standards then you are in the door for me to use your koozie and the team at 22below sent me a couple of their Sub-Zero koozies to put to the koozie challenge.  I received the white and the seafoam color (which is so popular its hard to keep in stock) to have some fun with.

Let’s go down the check list and see how these 22below koozies fared.

-Do they look cool? I’ll say these koozies look great and have a unique style to them unlike anything I’ve seen before. As noted, I love the seafoam green colored one and the design on the koozie feels good in your hand.

-Can they keep your drink cold? Yes they have a very tight fit on a 12 ounce can that does keep your drink much colder than it would without a 22below koozie wrapped around it. The other question: does this koozie out perform a standard neoprene style koozie? In the tests that I completed, both were very similar in drink temperature after various time trials up to 40 minutes long, so I can’t say the 22below out performs.

-Can it fit in your pocket? Yes, this is a soft koozie that unlike some of the bulky stainless steel koozies can fit in your back pocket when you are done drinking.

-Is the koozie durable? This koozie, in my opinion, is the most durable soft koozie that I have come across. I couldn’t tear it up.

PROS: looks unique, keeps drink cold, can go in your back pocket, patent pending Cryo-Lock system to keep the cold air in and warm air out.

CONS: sometimes getting a drink in or out of the koozie can be challenging. This is due in part to the Cryo-Lock system, does not work well with bottles.

Overall, This koozie is a great tailgating koozie and is something a little different in the sea of neoprene koozies and are at every tailgate. For those that know me, I don’t like to be normal, I like to stand out. Check out a 22below koozie if you’re ready to not only stand out, but chill out too.

Get yours by visiting 22below

*The opinions above are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary. 

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