Aholes Game Review

They made the AHOLES game that takes cornhole vertical, but with more holes. The AHOLES game is a triangular shaped game that you can sit on a table, or mount to a wall. You step back about 11 feet and then let one of the four bags (comes with 4 black and 4 red bags) fly. You’ll be shooting for the 5 point, 3 point or 1 point holes. If the bag falls on the board underneath then its 0 points, but if the bag misses everything then you get -1 points. Points can go up and down and you track your score on the side. You can have up to eight players if you use both sides of the board. If you get to -10 then your night is over. You can play to 22 or go all the way to the top with a 40 point game.

Did I mention the AHOLES has LED lights all in the interior so you can change colors and let the game go all night. It comes with a remote control, so you can really fine tune the colors. My favorite is having the colors rotate and fade in and out, over and over again…beautiful!

I got together a few friends and we marked off 11 feet and then let the games begin. The game started off slow with a few misses that took away a point. Then people started to catch fire and sink some 3’s and 5’s and the game was on. The first player got to 23 points and then any player that had not had the same amount of turns was able to try and tie/win the game. It’s all about the 5 point hole if you’re down big, but also the hardest to sink.

PROS: LED lights look great and allow you to play at night, very fun game

CONS: May be a little large to transport in some cars, you will need an external power supply to run the LED lights.

This AHOLES game can be addictive and with the LED lights you can literally play all through the night. I suggest cracking a cold one, getting some friends together and letting some bags fly…vertical style.

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