B&Z Custom Entertainment Solutions Review

We love things that have bright, flashy lights. I mean we are human. What I like even more is being able to create something that is custom made to my specifications. We teamed up with B&Z Custom Entertainment Solutions who had the ‘solution’, so to speak. The team at B&Z Customs specializes in making one off LED Beer Pong Boards. The beer pong boards look great, but I thought since they are truly custom why not design something, in a smaller size, that would be the perfect accent for a mancave or womancave for that matter:)

We gave the team at B&Z the information and asked that they put our Tailgating Challenge logo in the center of the table. We communicated back and forth and got to a design layout that both sides were happy with and they got to work.

I received my table that was ready to go out of the box. There was no assembly require, just pull the legs down and lock into place. The legs are made from wood and painted (there is a little paint smell when you first open the box but it airs out). From there you grab the remote and start playing with the numerous options for color settings. You can do a multitude of colors that are solid color, to fading colors in and out or flashing different colors.

PROS: custom made to your specs, LED’s look awesome,  remote control to change colors

CONS: has paint smell when opened, does not have a power button except on remote,these are each hand made to your specs so there could be some minor imperfections. Remember hands not machines build these.

Most companies today hate doing custom made or one off products. Those that do what to charge crazy set up fees. B&Z founded this business to make CUSTOM products. Do you have an awesome idea? Tell them and watch it come to life.

Design your custom led table today


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