BBQ Sauce Fountain

Do you love BBQ sauce? I mean to you REALLY LOVE BBQ sauce? If so, we may have found exactly what you need in your life. May I introduce you to the BBQ Sauce Fountain from Rufus Teague.

The BBQ Sauce Fountain is exactly what it sounds like. It is a fountain that will rain down BBQ sauce for a very unique centerpiece at your next party. We got our BBQ Sauce Fountain in and show you exactly how it works in the video below.

Let’s take a look at what comes in the box. You have your base that houses the motor and controls. Also included is the plastic fountain pieces (3) and one auger. Finally, there are two bottles of their famous Honey Sweet BBQ sauce to get you started.  This Honey Sweet BBQ sauce is amazing and some of the best I’ve tried. This is the second sauce we tested from Rufus Teague and you can see our review of the BEER based sauce: Can-O-Que HERE.

We got the fountain set up and ready for BBQ Sauce dream making in a matter of seconds. The set up is as simple as putting the auger in center. Then placing the large plastic column over the auger, next the middle plastic fountain spout (install in downward fashion) and finally the top cup that is pointing upwards.

Next, flip the switch over to heat and let the unit heat up for 5 minutes. Pro Tip: When you are close to that 5 minute marker  warm up the bottle of BBQ sauce in the microwave, as this will help it pour better. Once warmed up start pouring your BBQ sauce into the bottom of the fountain and once you empty your bottle it’s time for the magic to happen.

Twist the switch over to the Motor option and you’ll hear the motor cut on and watch the BBQ sauce start to pull up and then shower down over the different layers of the BBQ Sauce Fountain.

PROS: This is an awesome centerpiece that gets attention of your guests and it makes your house smell just like BBQ sauce (which is amazing to us)

CONS: There is going to be waste with this method as there will be BBQ sauce stuck to parts of the fountain, if you don’t use all of the sauce you either have to throw it away, or scoop out the BBQ sauce to put in a container.

Finally, let’s talk about clean up. The plastic pieces and auger can all be placed in the dishwasher. The base will have to be hand washed. Getting the pieces off and rinsed to put into the dishwasher will get your hands sticky.

Overall, this BBQ Sauce Fountain is made to wow and it does just that. Practicality is not its main feature, but if you love BBQ sauce and want to wow your guests having one of these on stand by is recommended.

Learn more and get your own BBQ Sauce Fountain by visiting RUFUS TEAGUE

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We NEVER get paid to do a review. This way we can be honest and keep it real with all of our fans! You deserve it. We were sent one BBQ sauce fountain to test out with the intention of getting our honest thoughts.

Written By: Luke Lorick 10/14/20

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