Beering Aid Review

Do you need some Aid with your beer? Your first response would be, uh no, I think I can handle this beer by myself. BUT let’s dig further into this question. Sure you don’t need help drinking your beer, but what about some aid in holding the beer when you can’t find a table? The Beering Aid is here to help and I think you’ll like the Aid they offer.

The Beering Aid is a koozie with one twist: It has a magnet in it. The Beering Aid has a built in magnet and a clip that you can attach to your pocket and the magnet will hold the entire beer on your hip, so you can free your hands up to do something awesome.

Let’s look at some of the things that make the Beering Aid Awesome:

-Attaches easily to your belt, pants, shorts, or skirt with included clip!
-Crazy-strong magnets fasten the Beering Aid to the clip!
-Magnet easily attaches your truck or car for handsfree tailgating!
-Available with your favorite college team logos!
-They even do custom logos for the koozie too!

We got two Beering Aid’s in, one had a patriotic USA design and the other was a custom koozie with our Tailgating Challenge logo on it.  The koozies were of solid quality and I loved that they were able to do fully custom work too. There is small rectangular magnet on the back of the koozie that can attach to the included clip, so you can easily place your beer on your hip.

We noticed the magnets are pretty strong and it can hold a full beer with ease. When you attach it you do need to make sure that the magnets line up to the clip, so it’s on securely, or the beer could hit the ground (especially if you have a full/heavier beer). You can see in the video this happened, luckily the beer was full and closed so no beer was harmed in the making of this video:)

In addition to being able to attach the beer to your hip at any time, it can also attach to the vehicle. I know I’ve needed a place to put my beer at tailgates before and now can put the beer on the side of the truck with these magnets.

The Beering Aid is a great solution to free your hands up at the tailgate. They come in your favorite team logos and are under ten bucks, so what are you waiting for? Get some AID for your beer!
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