Bevmit Review

We have all been there. The time where you are out at the tailgate, or out camping and it is a little bit colder than you’d prefer. No matter the weather you are out for a good time and maybe an adult beverage, to enhance that good time. The problem comes in when you hold on to your drink and expose your hand to the elements. Your hand can get cold, numb and this may even make you drop your drink. Stop the party fouls! The Bevmit was made to help you enjoy your drinks in colder weather conditions.

The Bevmit is a simple idea, it is essentially a koozie for your hand/arm. It helps keep your warmth in while keeping your drink nice and chilled. The Bevmit is made of fleece and you slip your arm in into it. The Bevmit will go up to you mid-forearm area and pairs great with a jacket. The Bevmit has a hole where you can slide and then grip your drink, from within the warm fleece material.

I took the Bevmit up to Montana (living in Texas it isn’t always cold enough to test things like this) to test as it was good, colder, weather to test the Bevmit. I grabbed a beer headed outside and then slid the Bevmit on. Once the Bevmit was on I was able to slide the drink into the holder and it was easy to hold after that. My hands were also warm. You can take your other hand and put it in your pocket, or grab a glove.  The fleece inside the Bevmit also felt pretty nice.

The only issue I have with the Bevmit is that it takes the use of your hand away. You aren’t able to put the drink down on a table and do something. You have to use your other hand and pull the drink out, then take the Bevmit off if you need to do an activity that requires the use of your hand.

The Bevmit does keep your hand warm and it can also help support your favorite team. They sent me the Chicago Cubs team Bevmit and I bet this could come in handy in the windy city.

PROS: keep your hands warm, team logos to support your favorite team

CONS: you have to use your other hand to take the drink out of the Bevmit if you need to do something with your hand.

Overall, the Bevmit has it’s place in colder climates. I could see someone sitting around a camp fire using a Bevmit to keep warm and enjoy their favorite beverage of choice.

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