Bindle Bottle Review

There are a host of different tumblers to choose from on the market to keep your beverage hot or cold, but we love tumblers that also have secret powers. In the Bindle Bottle Review we will show you the ‘secret’ power, the secret compartment.

The Bindle Bottle has a secret compartment on the bottom to help you store small items, in your tumbler. This sounded perfect for the gym, or walking around the tailgate. I got a couple of Bindle Bottles to test out and see how they performed in the Tailgating Challenge.


  • Dual-walled & vacuum-insulated construction
    • Keeps drinks hot or cold for hours (I’ll get into that more below)
    • Surface stays “sweat-free”
  • Liquid capacity: 24 or 20 fl. oz. sizes available
  • Weather-proof & scent-proof storage compartment: 3.3″ H x 3.2″ W
    • Can fit standard credit card or I.D. along with some other items you’ll see in our video below.
  • 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel
  • BPA-free

Bindle Bottle Testing

We got a ‘lemonade’ and ‘glacier’ colored Bindle Bottle to check out and the colors really stand out. Gone are the days of boring colors with tumblers, as they have 8 different colors that will help you stand out. When testing the Bindle Bottle I wanted to check out:

-How well the Bindle Bottle insulates the beverage that it holds?

-How large the storage compartment is?

-Is the storage compartment waterproof?

The first test is the storage compartment. This compartment can hold items like small snacks, ear pods, money, credit cards and other small items. Items that will NOT fit: sunglasses, wallets and mini bottles (that was a bummer.)

The second test was how well the storage compartment kept out moisture. A paper towel was placed inside the Bindle Bottle and we ran water all over to see if it could keep the water out. After taking the top off I confirmed that no water entered this compartment.

Finally, how well can the Bindle Bottle insulate your favorite beverage. This was a fun test as there was a snow storm and temperatures were well below zero degrees outside. I filled the Bindle Bottle with hot tea that was measured at 163 degrees F. I then took the tumbler outside and buried it in a snow pile.

Over an hour later I came back, remember its also -7 F outside, and took another temperature reading and it was still over 145 degrees. Pretty impressive. I took another reading after bringing it inside for the night and it was still 133 degrees, some 3 hours later.


PROS: stand out colors, high performance, storage compartment

CONS: screwing the lid of the storage compartment back on could use improvement

Overall, this is a high performing tumbler that has a water proof storage compartment to store small goodies. We were really impressed with the testing of how well it kept our tea hot while buried in snow. This passed our Tailgating Challenge and got some new fans who watched us pull this from a snow bank and saw how hot the contents still were.

Thanks for reading this far in our Bindle Bottle Review Blog. Check out the video below and then leave us any questions that you have.

You can learn more and get your own Bindle Bottle HERE.

Bindle Bottle Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 2/15/21

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