Body Pong Review

Beer Pong is a classic game played at tailgates around the globe. It’s fun, challenging and brings people together, but it hasn’t changed in years. Body Pong just changed the game and ditched the beer pong table with their new Body Pong game.

The Body Pong game doesn’t use a table, but instead you wear the table. The cup rack is attached to each partner and the cups are filled with the beer of your choice. Then your partner launches the pong balls towards the cup and you can move to try and help get the ball in the cup! Never before have you been able to move cups in mid-throw, until Body Pong.

We got the game in and one is white, while the other is black. It has the 10 holes cut out for the solo cups to drop into. Each game comes in two main pieces that easily attach together. You then hook up the cords to the Body Pong game as one goes around your neck and the other around your waist to secure the board.

Once you get geared up, it will feel a little weird as you have a board of beers sticking out from your stomach that you have to account for and try not to spill! The game plays best with 4 players (2 on each team) then you space out and get the game on. The game is played the same way as before, except your partner can move the board to help the ball find it’s home, in the bottom of the cup.

You can’t help but smile when you’re playing this game, as it’s so different and fun. From moving too much, to spilling beer to helping an off throw make it into the cup, the smiles will keep coming.

Overall, if you love beer pong then it’s time to step up to the next level with Body Pong. To me this is more fun than regular beer pong as it takes even more partnership to help win the game. If you’re ready to have more fun then step up to Body Pong and be sure to tag us in your pics/videos of this future classic game!


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