BRUU Robotic Beer Pong

We all love beer pong! It is one of the most iconic tailgating games of all time. Some will debate Cornhole or Beer Pong, as the most iconic, but I digress. It is believed that the game of beer pong originated in 1950’s and has remained the same some almost 70 years, until now! BRUU Robotic Beer Pong takes a classic and supercharges the game!

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BRUU Robotic Beer Pong takes the game of beer pong, but makes it MOVE. You rack the cups into the BRUU machine and then select one of three speeds for the BRUU to move around the table. The BRUU has a rechargeable battery (no micro USB cord was included in the package and you’ll need one to charge the game) and we’ve played for a few hours and the battery is still going strong. They do include two beer pong balls with the purchase.

When we first got our set of BRUU Robotic Beer Pong games we cut them on and placed them on the counter. I was nervous that the game would fall off the counter, but there are actual sensors on the BRUU machine that alert it to change directions as it comes close to the edge of any surface. It was really cool to see the first time and I glanced over in the living room and saw our robotic vacuum cleaner and thought why didn’t I think of this. We got both of the units charged up and started playing with the speeds. There are three speeds that the BRUU has so you can take it slow, medium or fast.  This helps you maintain a new challenge if you think you’ve mastered one of the levels.

We took our BRUU Robotic Beer Pong games down to one of our new favorite local breweries, Brutal Beerworks, to drink some good brews and test out our new toys. We got a few of their new triple hazy brews and then got the game going. With classic beer pong you know exactly where you have to aim, but with this robotic style game the target keeps moving! You can try to learn the cadence of the movements, but the game can be erratic, so you may not be able to fully learn exactly where the game is going each time. You know if its getting close to the edge of the table that it’s likely going to have a quick pause as it shifts its direction, but it will keep you guessing. This could be a good thing for some, if you aren’t a rockstar player of the classic game, maybe this game can help you.

BRUU Facts:

-4 hours to charge = 16-20 hours run time (per BRUU)

-Advanced vision sensors, so it will never fall off the table

-Spill Proof, as the body is weather sealed so no worries on spilled beer

-Perfect cut outs for custom reracks during the game

BRUU adds a whole new level of challenge to the classic beer pong game. For your friends that may be bored with the classic game, it’s time to get them engaged again with robotic beer pong courtesy of BRUU. I bet you then\y will be ready to toss a ball again real soon.

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BRUU sent us a game to test out and no monetary consideration was given for this review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 2/2/20

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