BumpBoxx Retro Pager

We love nostalgic items and Bumpboxx just brought back the pager with their retro bluetooth speaker pager. We got our hands on their original retro pager to put it to our Tailgating Challenge.

You remember the 80’s and 90’s and seeing pagers on peoples hips that would beep and vibrate to alert them that someone wanted to get in contact with them. We’ve come a long ways as a society, but there is something nostalgic with items like the beeper/pager that bring back memories. The team at Bumpboxx started things off with bringing back the big boom boxes from back in the 80’s with their Bumpboxx. We tested this out a few years back and you can learn more about what we thought of the original Bumpboxx HERE. If the boombox is good then adding another nostalgic item to their line up is great. That is where the retro pager comes in.

We got the black retro pager (since we got ours in they have introduced a line of different colored retro pagers) and it looks just like a classic pager. There is a ‘b’ on the front of the pager, representing Bumpboxx logo, there is a light and a Micro USB charging port on the side. There is also a power button beside the volume + and – buttons. This pager can still clip to your hip, just like the original beepers. You can make people have that double take moment as they see a functioning pager clipped on your side. Except this time its pumping out some of your favorite tunes.

Let’s take a look at some of the other features this Retro Pager has:

– Bluetooth Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0, 30 feet range
– TWS True Wireless Stereo Pairing ( SYNC 2 pagers wirelessly on our latest Pagers )
– MP3 Player TF Card Player
– FM Radio 
– LED Super Bright Flashlight
– USB Charger
– Hands-Free Calling with Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, supporting hands-free calling
– Size 3.15″X2.02″X1.29″
– Weight 3.2oz
– Speakers 4 ohm/8W
– Playtime  up to 7+ hours on a full charge
– IPX6 Water-resistant

Included Items:
– USB charging cable
– Aux input line
– Wrist Band Strap 
– User manual

The sound quality of the speaker is good, not great and the reason it’s not great is due to the size. There is a small place for the speaker to go and not a lot of airspace for much bass. You will still get good volume and be able to hear it while you’re doing fun activities with it on your side. I have the original Bumpboxx boom box that has insanely big sound, so I have to check my expectations at the door for something as small as a pager.

What I’d like to see with this product to take it to the next level:

-use of the original pager ‘screen’ for song names to display

-lights inside the speaker area to light up the speakers and add some extra flare

Overall, this is just a fun product. I like to wear it on my hip to have a speaker anytime I need it. Plus I get those fun reactions like “Is that a pager”, “why are you wearing a beeper” and “does that thing actually work?” To the last question, yes, yes it does and with nostalgic style that not many bluetooth speakers can compete with.

Get your own Bumpboxx Retro Pager by visiting BUMPBOXX

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We did NOT get paid to write this review. We never get paid for reviews, this way we can keep it real with our fans, you deserve that. We were sent one sample retro pager to test out with the understanding we will give our honest opinions.

Written By: Luke Lorick 10/13/20

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