California Cowboy Yukata Robe Review

I never was a fan of robes until I saw the Yukata robe. This robe has a CHAMPAGNE pocket. Now lets check out the California Cowboy Yukata Robe Review.

I’ve been a big fan of the California Cowboy brand as they have one of my favorite winter shirts, the High Sierra. When I learned they also had a robe, I was all ears. They made the Yukata robe for both robe lovers and people who haven’t been the biggest fans of robes in the past. I picked out the “Hold my Bear Robe” and now let’s take a look at some of the features to see why this could be the best robe for guys.


  • Lined with custom blended terry cloth – more absorbent than standard cotton
  • Reinforced Champagne pocket
  • Water-resistant dry pocket for safe tech storage
  • Sunglass secure loop
  • Bottle Opener
  • Locker Loop

Yukata Robe Testing

The Hold My Bear robe came in and the first thing that I think most people look for in a robe is the feel. The robe had a soft, cool feeling that made it feel more like a hot tub, summer time robe vs. a robe for when it’s frigid outside.

I slid the robe on and I loved the bears that were all over the robe. l tied the robe up and then I wanted to start exploring the features that make this robe stand out from the pack. First off, the sunglasses loop. While it works I wish the loop was horizontal vs vertical. I believe this would hold my sunglasses better.

Next up, one of my favorite pockets on the High Sierra shirts that I love is the Tech Pocket. This Yukata robe also has a tech pocket. This is perfect if you’re around a swimming pool, or hot tub. In addition to keeping the contents of the pocket protected from water it’s also a zipper pocket. I’ve always loved zipper pockets, so things can’t fall out of your pocket and go missing.

Last but certainly not least is what I call the most interesting pocket in the world: The Champagne Pocket! Yes, you read this correctly, there is a reinforced pocket for your champagne bottle. When I first heard this I thought it would feel terrible with a full bottle of champagne in your back pocket. It would have to feel like it’s dragging the robe off you, right? While I could still feel the full bottle of champagne back there it wasn’t as big of an issue as I thought. Whatever they did to reinforce that pocket, they did it up right!

I used the Hold My Bear Robe around a fun fire pit night that we had with friends. There were plenty of amazed looks both with the name of the robe and of the various features that were included in the Yukata robe. One of my friends fell so in love with the robe I had to give it to them at the end of the night. Guess we need to get some more for our next party.


PROS: weather resistant pocket, champagne pocket, fun styling

CONS: wish the sunglasses loop was horizontal and not vertical

Overall, this robe was designed to be the best robe ever. While I still haven’t turned into a guy that will be wearing a robe regularly my eyes have been opened that robes can be pretty fun and functional.

If you want to learn more and get your own Hold my Bear Yukata robe visit CALIFORNIA COWBOY

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/31/21

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