Campster Chair Review

Portable seating solutions are something we are always looking for. Hauling around a clunky chair is not always fun or feasible. If you’re going hiking you may not be able to lug your favorite rocking chair with you, but you still should be able to have a nice place to sit down. We found what could be the most portable chair that we have tested: Campster Chair and we put it to our Tailgating Challenge.

The Campster Chair was designed with portability in mind. At the time of this review they were just starting their crowdfunding to get the product off the ground and there are still some things that they have shared they are working on updating for the final product. We will touch on those later, but first let’s look at the features the Campster chair packing:

✅ Seating height like a normal chair (17”/43 cm)
✅ Ultra-portable – Folds to the size of a bottle
✅ Ultra-light – weighs only 2 lbs/0.97 kg
✅ High weight capacity – up to 300 lbs/136 kg
✅ Fast & easy set-up – unfolds in <10 sec
✅ No assembly – 1-piece telescopic design
✅ Extreme durability – anodized aluminum body
✅ Ripstop seat with breathable mesh
✅ Beautiful high-end look in black or space grey

We got our sample in and it was super light. We weighed it and it tips the scales at just over two pounds and easily folds up to slide back into the included carrying case. When we first attempted to open it, it took a few minutes, as you need to flip the chair upside down and it releases to then pull out and lock the telescopic beams.

The locking mechanism for the telescopic poles in the chair is something they admit they are working on to perfect. This is critical, as I thought I had all of the poles locked, but when I went to sit on it one gave way and I fell out of the chair (you can see in the below video). You can see up close, in the video, what the current locking situation is and the team at Sitpack is getting to work on making this better asap. Once this gets updated the chair will be much safer for people to sit in. I laughed when I fell out, but for others they could get injured and that just can’t happen.

The other area that is a big deal to me with a chair is how it feels. Do you enjoy sitting on it? Unfortunately, the answer here is no, I don’t like sitting in this chair. It is not comfortable. I’ve tested many chairs out (see our article on the top tailgating chairs HERE) and I know what a comfortable chair feels like. This one feels unstable and I felt like I couldn’t relax in this chair. I’m not a huge guy (chair says it will hold up to 300 pounds) but there is simply no way a 300 pound person would ever be comfortable in this chair. At 185 pounds I’m not comfortable with the tiny piece of material that you sit on.

Overall, the Campster excels at being one of the most portable chairs we’ve ever tested, but with safety and comfort it did not pass our tests. I think with some upgrades this chair has tons of potential, but until I can get my hands on their updated version I have to keep it real with the world.

If you want to learn more about this chair you can visit their crowdfunding effort HERE



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We never get paid for our reviews. We were sent one Campster Chair to review and give our honest feedback on.

Written By: Luke Lorick 7/17/20

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