CanStand Review

Who has been lying on the beach and wondered where can I put my drink? Well the people over at CanStand have come up with something great. I will start off by first saying since most people will order this product and have it shipped to your house, this CanStand comes very well packaged. After assembling the CanStand we found that it is very lightweight and durable. The rod makes it very easy to place in the ground. You don’t have to worry about your can tipping over. The can is very easy to put in the holder and remove. The CanStand would be great for many occasions. You can use this anywhere from your backyard to the beach to the next tailgating event!

The CanStand also boast keeping your drink 15 degrees cooler with their special spun aluminum material used!

Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Holds cans well, easy to put in ground. Comes with a short or a tall stand for whatever the occasion. Helps to keep your drink colder!

Cons: Only can use on softer ground.

Need an extra hand to hold your drink while you do something awesome?

Check out CanStand

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