Cave Tools Grill Light Review

If you tailgate you love to grill, but there are those times when grilling lasts way past the sun going down. Admit it, you’ve been there trying to hold your cell phone light to check to see if the meat is cooked. Well its time for a change! It is time for the Cave Tools Grill Light!

This grill light attaches to the handle on your current grill to light up the night and your grill.

When I got ours I unboxed it and added the three AA batteries to get it ready to go. This Grill Light has an adjustable mount that allows this to be compatible with just about any grill. The grill I currently own, STOK Quattro, has an extremely large handle and it just barely fit on this handle. If it will fit on this one it should fit on just about any grill out there.

Once installed, it has the ability to rotate so you can aim the light right where you want it. Speaking of the light it is BRIGHT (check out the video to see how bright) and it really lights up the grill, so you can see what you are doing.

It states to not immerse the Grill Light in water and remove it (from the grill) after use, so if your grill is exposed to the elements you may want to bring this in. Mine is under a covered patio, so I’m leaving it on there to see how it does long term.

PROS: fits different sized handles, very bright light, easy to use once installed.

CONS: Would be nice if you didn’t have to take it on and off to remove it from the weather conditions.

Overall, I have been needing a grill light for a while and this Cave Tools Grill Light really fit the bill. Ever after a few uses I can see that this is something I should have gotten years ago.

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