Club Car Onward Edition Golf Cart

Golf carts are the perfect edition to having a great day playing 18 holes, but they can be used for so much more, especially with the new Club Car Onward edition.

The Club Car brand is one of the best known golf cart brands in the industry and has been around since 1958. The brand is synonomous with quality and of course fun on the golf course, but their new Onward edition golf cart is taking the golf cart beyond the greens.

The Onward edition is still a golf cart, but a golf cart that can do more for you. Let’s look into this statement further to see why Club Car took a chance with expanding the notion of what a golf cart can be used for.  We all know that golf carts are perfect to play through 18 holes,but we are seeing golf carts do more from: transportation vehicles in neighborhoods, to driving around a tailgate and getting out and having some adventure. The Onward edition wants this golf cart to be able to do everything you need to have a great time.

The Onward Edition golf cart can be custom built, so you can design it just the way you like. The Onward edition that I recieved to test was a beautifully colored Metallic Pearl Blue. There are 8 different color choices you can choose from to ensure that the Onward edition reflects your favorite color. These come in gas or electric versions and I opted for the electric. I think its an easier, cleaner and quieter than gas, so no brainer for me on this. Next up you can choose if you want 2 or 4 seats. I live by the mantra, the more the merrier, so 4 seats it is. You can even get different seat colors to ensure it matches your taste.

Next up comes the option of lifted or non-lifted. I went lifted as it then gives you the option to have more off road adventures. The lifted version also comes with a heavy duty brush guard, that looks great in my opinion. With the lifted edition you can get the 14 inch rims with 23 inch all terrain tires that not only look good but handle all the different terrains that I threw at it!

You have the option of having a canopy or no canopy and let me suggest you get the canopy, as it not only looks better, but will provide protection from the sun, rain or wind. The side mirrors or 5 piece mirror kit is also an available option. If you’re going to be doing riding in various areas then having some mirrors is a great safety feature to ensure there are no problems.

The other available options that we had added to ours were rear cup holders, full frontal (and folding) windshield, golf bag holders, fender flares (these make it look more aggressive with the lift and brush guard), trailer hitch and the bluetooth sound bar that goes across the top front under the canopy! Heck we even had the hidden storage compartment under the back seat added in (side note you can easily put some ice packs in there to make this into a small cooler!)

Ok, so we’ve shown you the crazy amount of options that are available that were on the Onward that we tested out. Now let’s talk about the overall user experience more. On first look, this golf cart is beautiful and likely the best I’ve seen come straight from the factory without somone taking it to a shop to get endless custom options put on. Everyone that sees the golf cart praises the looks and options on it and wants to know more about it. So this passes the eyeball tests with flying colors.

Next up how does it handle? The Onward edition has average speed of a regular golf cart. There may be some legal restrictions,but it would be fun with just a little more pep when you get on the gas pedal. It rides pretty nicely even over rough terrain if you’re in the front. The back passengers have expressed the need to slow down over this terrain as its a little more bumpy on the back. The lifted suspesion handles great (and hasn’t gotten stuck once), but there are some squeaky noises that come out on every bump. This may be the suspension still settling out or it may need to be lubricated. Even on rougher terrain with some speed and turns, I never felt like the golf cart was unstable or could flip over. I was worried that the large off road style tires could do some damage on the golf course, but those fears were unfounded as it did not hurt the course at all.

The accessories are up next. The Onward has LED running lights that are lit at all times and pretty good headlights for driving at night. The brushguard worked great when going off road and the tires left me feeling confident that it was not going to get stuck. The bluetooth soundbar is pretty sweet, but could deliver a little better bass at louder volumes (there are also no external controls for the bluetooth soundbar). The back seat also folds down so you have have a flat bed to carry more items. This is also where the hidden storage compartment is to hide or haul more items. There are 4 cupholders up front and 2 in the back for passengers, so there is always room for more drinks! The Onward has an LED light battery indicator that shows you how much battery power you have left and the charging process is ultra simple, just plug in and walk away.

PROS: its beautiful, can go just about anywhere, many fun options to pick from, easy to use and maintain

CONS: soundbar could have better sound at higher volumes, suspension is squeaky on uneven surfaces, no external controls for soundbar.The attachments for the folding windshield squeak when the windshield is fully locked in.

I took this golf cart on the golf course, roads, off-roading and loved every minute of it. If you want a golf cart that can do just about anything, then its time you move Onward with the new Onward edition from Club Car.

Build your own Onward edition Club Car HERE and get ready for more fun and adventure.

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