Cooler Bobs Review

We have all been there. Whether you are camping, at a bonfire or simply in your own backyard at night. You are digging through your cooler looking for a specific item and it turns into a treasure hunt because it’s dark out and you can’t seem to find what you are looking for. After too many attempts your hand may turn into an icicle.

Well the makers of Cooler Bobs no longer want you to suffer. They have created a clever way to light up your cooler, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Cooler bobs, which have a resemblance to fishing bobs (hence the name), have 8 LED lights that light up a plastic bulb that comes in three colors – red, blue and green. The website also says you can customize your own Cooler Bob. Like a fishing bob, one half is white while the other half is the color of your choosing. They are lightweight and water proof with the ability to float. Cooler Bobs can be placed inside your iced cooler to light up the area as needed. Depending on the size of the cooler you may need more than one because the they are on the smaller size.

One of the great features of the Cooler Bob is since the ice in the cooler will eventually melt, the Cooler Bob can still be used since it is waterproof and will “bob” in the water. I allowed mine to sit in a cooler of water for three days and none of the Cooler Bobs leaked.

Each Cooler Bob uses two watch batteries that can be easily replaced. The battery life ranges from 24hrs continuous to 36hrs using the strobe mode. Which is another thing to mention – the Cooler Bob can be set on strobe or static lighting. There is a push button on/off switch for ease of use. One thing to note, they can be a bit sensitive. Of the three we received, two worked perfect and one the light didn’t seem to illuminated as much as the other two. With a little wiggling the insides around, we were able to get the third one to light up as much as the other two, so there is a bit of sensitivity with the Color Bobs.

Pros: Solves the problem of darkness of coolers, nice choice of colors, great design/look, unique

Cons: Product can be a little sensitive, Doesn’t turn off when you close the cooler, so the batteries may need to be replaced quite often which may get expensive

Overall this is a nice product for those who use coolers a lot like fisherman, campers, tailgaters and even party-goers. I could see using this on my next camping trip and not just in my cooler, possible in my bag of goodies as a substitute for a flashlight.

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