Country Kubb Game Review

A yard game that Vikings played? You have our attention and we knew we had to put the Kubb Game to our Tailgating Challenge. Let’s see what makes this game special in our Country Kubb Game Review.

Product Features

  • The wood used in our finished products is Poplar.
  • Each set is crafted by the seasoned quality of Amish woodworkers.
  • Locally grown and made in Ohio, USA
  • In Your Box
    • 1 King : 10.5in x 3.5in x 3.5in
    • 10 Kubbs : 6in x 2.75in x 2.75in
    • 6 Batons : 12 in x 1.75in diameter
    • 6 Boundary Stakes
    • 1 Rule Sheet
    • 1 Canvas Tote to carry game

How to Play Country Kubb

-Set up Kubbs 8 X 5 meters.

-In center of the field place the king.

-To determine who goes first each team throws a baton towards the king without hitting it, the closest gets to go first.

-Each team then throws batons, underhanded, at the opposing Kubbs.

-Each Kubb that is knocked down then has to be thrown between the king and opposing teams Kubbs.

-Then you have to knock down these ‘field’ Kubbs, that were just thrown, before you can attack the opposing teams line of Kubbs.

-If you miss hitting these ‘field’ Kubbs, the ones that you tossed, that is the opposing teams new line to throw from.

-Once all of the opposing teams Kubbs have been knocked over you then attempt to knock over the king to win the game.

Game Play

Viking Games

Any game that is inspired by the great Vikings has our full attention. We set up the game by estimating the 8X5 meters. As with most games I don’t bring out a measuring tape. Once we had the game set up it was time to pick sides and toss our batons at the king. Remember the closest baton to the king gets to go first, but don’t hit him!

When I first started playing I was not aware of the rules with the different throwing styles that are not allowed. I had found throwing the baton underhanded, but sideways was yielding better results for me. This is not an approved throw and all should be underhanded with the baton up and down vs. left to right. You can see our video for the proper throwing techniques and those that are not allowed.

Trying to hit the Kubbs is fun! Having the aspect of tossing the Kubbs that are knocked over where the other team has to hit these field Kubbs helps protect your line of Kubbs in the back.

Once we knocked all of our opponents Kubbs over it was time to attack the king and down he went. The king is special as you can also customize him, we added National Yard Games Day. There is also a hidden bottle opener on the bottom of the king that you can crack open a cold beer to celebrate as Vikings would.

Customized for National Yard Games Day


PROS: high quality wood, ability to customize the king, fun with a group of people, lets you wear Viking costumes, built in bottle opener on king

CONS: not a game you’d play/practice by yourself

Overall, this game turned out to be more fun that I initially envisioned. Getting some fellow Vikings together to play made for an amazing afternoon that we won’t soon forget.

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Written by: Luke Lorick 5/16/21

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