Crown Royal Salted Caramel Review

I was a whiskey fan well before I was a big time craft beer drinker. While I normally drink enjoy a cold beer, I’m always game for something new in the whiskey world. When I was at Spec’s purchasing some new craft beer, when I saw the all new Crown Royal limited edition Salted Caramel whiskey.

Crown Royal has been pushing out high quality whiskey since 1939 and over the past few years has started to bring out different flavors of their classic whiskey. The most recent Crown Royal limited edition run is the Salted Caramel that came out the fall of 2018, too bad we missed it last year. On a cool fall day a glass of top notch whiskey is hard to be beat and add some fall flavor with salted caramel to it…well it was a no brainer that we had to try it and give our tailgating fans our two cents.

The Salted Caramel comes in a limited edition, holiday style box and is in a burnt orange crown royal bag. Time to crack the bottle open. We poured a couple of ounces into our whiskey glass and then brought the glass to our nose to see how the smell impacted our olfactory senses. It has an excellent, sweet smell that sparks imagination about caramel apples at the state fair. After smelling it for longer than I should have, it was time to drink!

I took a deep breath as the glass neared my lips, as I’m a huge believer that the smell of the beverage impacts the overall taste and experience of the drink. Lips meet glass and Crown Royal into my mouth. Pause, swish around and do that chewing motion. You know the one where you move your jaw and purse your lips together to get a clear head of exactly what you just tasted.

There were buttery, vanilla, caramel notes that took the classic Crown Royal and made it sweet. If you are not a sweet drink fan then you will need to cut this with water, or another mixer. The overall smell and taste of this new Crown Royal was very pleasurable. If you are a fan of the Crown Royal brand, this is something you need to try. I will enjoy it this fall season, but think that this too is like pumpkin spice and its awesome for the season, but not something that I would drink every Friday at 5 o’clock.

Thanks Crown Royal for bringing out an excellent limited edition release that goes hand in hand with cooler weather, the State Fair and of course a couple of ice cubes.


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