Proof Alcohol Ice Cream Review

You can eat a pint of ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth and drink a glass of bourbon to take the edge, but what if you could do BOTH a the same time. There is an ice cream that can deliver this unique user experience. May I introduce you to Proof Alcohol Ice Cream. Proof Alcohol Ice Cream is infused with alcohol to help you enjoy a sweet treat and take the edge off.

I was introduced to Proof Ice Cream one Friday night by my friend, (Shout Out To Dean Baldwin) who lives back in my hometown of Columbia, SC. He messaged me: “Dude Tailgating Challenge has to test out this new ice cream.” My original thought is that ice cream is not normally synonymous with tailgating, but please tell me more. He said we met these awesome people who went to the University of South Carolina and they are putting alcohol in ice cream.

Now you have my attention!

He went on to mention all the samples they tried and that they bought multiple pints and were racing home, so they could eat some more.

I reached out to Proof Ice Cream and while they weren’t yet available in TX, I told them I too was originally from South Carolina and heard about how awesome their ice cream was. They packed 5 of their most popular flavors into a cooler with dry ice and sent out for me to taste and get my professional opinion on their ice cream. They sent the following flavors:

Bourbon Caramel

Strawberry Moonshine

Cheesecake Moonshine

Mocha Chocolate Moonshine

Coconut Rum 

I has been HOT in Texas, so I was a little worried what ice cream would look like when it arrived at my door step, but to my surprise it was still ice cold with the shipping method they used.  Again, I was extremely interested in ice cream with alcohol, so I figured lets taste some! We went through and did a taste of each one. My initial impression was clear that alcohol was used in the making of this product. You know those times you’ve ordered a mixed drink and you wonder if the bartender added any alcohol…this was NOT one of those times! I say that to say it is not overpowering, but you will get a taste of the alcohol that is used in the ice cream.

Each pint of Proof Alcohol Ice Cream is 14 Proof and 7% ABV. Did I mention you have to be 21 to buy this ice cream!?

My favorite of these 5 flavors was the bourbon caramel and it was a clean sweep with everyone that tasted these flavors that bourbon caramel was the clear champion. The others were still good, but the bourbon caramel is on another level.

I’m envisioning Proof Ice Cream using some Salted Caramel Whiskey in a future offering like we tested out HERE

Since the ice cream has alcohol in it it does not freeze as hard as regular ice cream. I recommend putting this in your deep freeze to firm it up when you get the urge to have something a little sweet with a little shot of liquid motivation.

Proof Ice Cream: Think Differently About Dessert!

Check out all of their flavors and what they have going on:



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