Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mix

Brace yourself, I have a confession to make: I’ve never had a Bloody Mary in my life. There I said it. I know, I know how could Mr. Tailgating not have tried a Bloody Mary in his life? Well I haven’t until recently as the team at Demitri’s sent over some Bloody Mary items to ensure I had a great experience on my first ever Bloody Mary.

Demitri’s sells a variety of Bloody Mary items to help you take your Bloody Mary game to the next level. I was sent a care package that included:

16 ounce bottle of Bloody Mary Mix:  Fourteen all-natural ingredients, masterfully balanced for one perfect Bloody Mary.

– 2 Ounce Pouch: Each pouch makes a quart of Bloody Mary Mix when added to tomato juice, V8 or Clamato!

Chilis and Peppers Mix:  The little devil on Demitri’s shoulder nagged him until he agreed to throw a bunch of extra chilies & peppers into the original mix. Demitri’s Chilies & Peppers flavor ratchets up the HEAT for extra spicy goodness, while keeping the flavor that has made Demitri’s synonymous with the perfect Mary.

Extra Horseradish Mix:  Just like the name says, we got lots of people telling us they love our Seasonings but they kept adding more horseradish; so we saved the trouble. You’ll get a great aroma and zesty horseradish experience with this one!

– Original Rimshot! This blend of Hawaiian sea salts, smoked salts, pepper, celery seed and a few secrets let’s you hang on to the plain ol’ kosher salt for the Margaritas!

– Bacon Rimshot! Demitri teamed up with his friends at J&D’s, makers of Bacon Salt®, to bring you “Bacon Rimshot”. A smoky, savory garnish that adds aroma and tons of flavor-great with a nice cold sip of a Bloody Mary!

Pepperoni Straws:  Enjoy the delightful flavors of the world’s best Bloody Mary, through one of the world’s most popular snacks! Demitri’s Pepperoni Straws are made from 100% pork.

I was overwhelmed with all of the options right off the bat that was included in this sampler box. I took some of them down on my recent beach trip, with experienced Bloody Mary drinkers, to get not only my opening thoughts on their Bloody Mary’s, but also hear back from people that can lend some additional expertise and weigh in if these were legit products.

I got some vodka and tomato juice and then it was time to roll the video (see below) to document my first experience with a Bloody Mary and show you what Demitri’s can bring to the table. For my Bloody Mary I brought some of the 2oz individual original Bloody Mary Mix packs. As a side note these will clear TSA, I can officially confirm as I did fly with them. I also brought the bacon flavored rim shot and pepperoni straws too.

I wet the edges of the first glass and twisted it in the Bacon Rim Shot to get a good edge of flavor on the lip of the glass. I then poured in two good shots of vodka and a solid pour of tomato juice. From there I poured the entire pouch of the Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mix into the cup and stirred it all up with the pepperoni straw.

On the second glass that I made live on camera, I had more trouble getting the Rim Shot to stick to the edge of the glass (the first glass was so easy) After the 3rd attempt I got it on there pretty good to move forward with the video. I then took my first sip of Bloody Mary and it was fun drinking it through the pepperoni straw. I also like the extra flavor the Rim Shot gave to it too. The actual Bloody Mary had some good spice to it (this wasn’t their spiciest version) and while I enjoyed it for a bit, I determined that drinking a Bloody Mary in the heat is just not for me.

When I polled the more experienced Bloody Mary drinkers they confirmed that this was in a fact a great Bloody Mary and they echoed the pepperoni straws were a great touch, as you can eat them when you’re done.

While I may not be a future Bloody Mary drinker I know many of you are and based on the feedback I’ve gotten from those that enjoy Bloody Mary’s, the products at Demitri’s are of high quality and will make even the most seasoned Bloody Mary drinker say wow that was a good drink!

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